What is the need to do in advance?

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What is the need to do in advance?

Outdoor playgrounds have been concerned with a lot of intentional investors because of more powerful enhancement capabilities. At the same time, the playground has now become a standard demand for popularization, not only to go shopping or travel, you can see all kinds of fun outdoor play equipment. So, the investment outdoor playground is not difficult? What do you need to do in advance? Next, I will find out with Wenzhou Mu You!

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Expected to settle in the site

Discipline the time and size of opening outdoor tour

Search for a suitable outdoor play equipment manufacturer one-stop procurement

Expected to settle in the site

If you want to find a site for an outdoor playground in the outdoors, you must first need to understand the business state around the outdoor site. If the traffic around the outdoor site, the daily business is better, then you can consider a suitable venue development. site. That is to say, it is necessary to do a good job in market research before investment in outdoor playground.

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Discipline the time and size of opening outdoor tour

After the market research of the basic project, the investor needs to negotiate the site supply side to the site's opening area rent. In general, the location of the outdoor playground will be convenient in traffic, moderately, and a wide range of venues. It is better to be in place where the road conditions are open. When building an outdoor tour, it also needs to pay attention to the time of construction, so when negotiating rent, investors can give appropriate rent-free period to reduce the pressure on the turnover.

Look for properOutdoor play equipment manufacturerOne-stop purchase

Outdoor playgrounds should pay attention to the manufacturer as formal when choosing outdoor play equipment, which ensures product quality of outdoor play equipment and enjoys the later perfect service project. When necessary, you can also go to the manufacturer to conduct a field visit to see the practical ability of the manufacturer, understand after-sales service, and provide preferential policies on the post-installation or store propaganda.

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The purchase equipment is the key point of opening an outdoor tour. It cannot be only focused on the product and ignore the quality of the product equipment and the planning. If you only pay attention to the problem of price, it will eventually lead to a series of safety incidents after the construction of outdoor playgrounds, bringing investors directly to economic losses.

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