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What is the price of a child outdoor expansion project in the scenic spot?

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What is the price of a child outdoor expansion project in the scenic spot?

The current development of the current tourism industry and the amusement industry is due to the trend of rising proportion, the main reason is that people are longing for outdoor sports and pursue better quality life. Many families will choose from travel. Now the various tourist attractions in China are also countless, and each tourist attraction project is less than the creation of children's special services. For example, there will be children's exclusive children's paradise, water park, dinosaur park, etc. in the scenic spot. Today, That Today is specifically for the scenic spots to create a child outdoor expansion amusement park.

The price of children's outdoor expansion projects in the scenic spot requires several factors such as the size of the product, product classification, product use materials, and selected purchases.

The larger the scale of outdoor expansion project, the higher the price.

The greater the scale of the amusement equipment, the higher the price, this is inevitable, because the roile item of the expansion is strict, and there is a certain high space and planar space. Outdoor expansion projects are the best in setting up parks or lawn in the lawn, children can not only show fun through the expansion of tour projects, but also feel the expansion feelings in nature.

New Tianwei City Outdoor Expansion + Dinosaur Paradise + Expand Equipment - (10)

The more prices of expanding projects, the more expensive

A child outdoor expansion project requires a function of climbing, jumping, drilling, and competition, so that there is less than a single wooden bridge in an expansion project, combined slide, rope net climbing, intelligence test, maze Drill holes and other items. If these projects are integrated in a large project, the price will definitely be different, and it is relatively disciplined if a certain price of the expansion park is much more expensive.

Expanding projects to create differences in purchasing

There is a certain difference in expansion projects designed by each manufacturer, while the prices given by each manufacturer are also different for different product positioning. For example, Some Changji's price to expand the project is calculated according to the weight of the square, and some manufacturers are estimated in accordance with a complete set of purchases.

New Tianwei City Outdoor Expansion + Dinosaur Paradise + Expand Equipment - (2)

All in all, the purchase price of outdoor expansion of the play is not unified, and the project is required to continue the project in the market, and the difference in price needs to be determined by material functions.

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