What is the price of outdoor little doctoral plastic combination?

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What is the price of outdoor little doctoral plastic combination?

Now many places in order to enhance children's cultural activities, they will set up children's play. Children in all outdoor play equipment is high in manufacturing techniques, the theme is distinct, and the function is very varied, and the function has received many kindergartens, parks, playgrounds Love, and therefore, more people have interested in combined slides. In recent days, there are also a lot of investment buyers who ask our company outdoor little doctoral plastic combination slide price? Next, Xiaobian will answer your questions!

This article contains the following

1. Combined slide price influencing factors

2. How much is the combination slide?

3. Where is the combination of slide manufacturers?

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First, the price of the combination slide

Outdoor combination slides require different materials, scale, themes, and styles to support the best project display due to different venue space, so the impact factors of prices are also relatively broad. The size of a swing combination outdoor slide is 25 square meters, but its price is not completely based on scale. Outdoor combination slide material can be used in solid wood, plastic, PE, etc., each material is very different, the price gap is more obvious; the process production difficulties of outdoor combination slides will have a big difference according to different shapes and demand, this It is also the main reason for the formation of price differences.

two,How much is the combination slide?

So how do you need to have an outdoor combination slide? If the slide of 800 yuan / square meter is required in accordance with 30 square meters of outdoor park combination, it takes 2.4W. The budget of this price is only a reference. If the construction is more complicated, it will increase the corresponding difficulty, and some cost will be enhanced.

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Third, where is the combination slide factory

To say professional production outdoor small doctors custom combined slide manufacturers or Wenzhou Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is better, have their own professional production base, have obtained the opportunity of many other exhibitions at home and abroad and have been honorable. In the stage of development, our company is also continuously carrying out the innovation of traditional equipment, built traditional players into high-end popular multi-functional play tools, and believe that our company's services can bring you the best play equipment custom project .

All in all, the price of outdoor combination slide customized type is higher than the slide equipment directly purchased directly in the mall, customizing products can customize the theme shape, size, material technology, etc., is the best choice for many kindergarten parks.

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