What is the price of the children's paradise play equipment? Where can I buy it?

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What is the price of the children's paradise play equipment? Where can I buy it?

Now the development of the children's playground is a golden period, and it is a very good decision to open a children's paradise. Many entrepreneurs attracted the prospect development projects of the industry at once in this industry and want to invest in this industry. But because of the prices of the child's paradise for children's paradise, they don't know where to buy, so today Trump Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. will share the price of the paradise equipment and where to purchase the equipment.

This article contains the following

1 Children's Paradise Amusement Equipment Price Sharing

2Children's paradise equipment to buy

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First, children's paradise play equipment price sharing

First of all, for an unrequalified entrepreneir, choose to open a child naughty castle to join is a better choice, and the provincial cost and provincial cost, and the addition of investment is a small risk. Moreover, the project is rich in projects in the Children's Paradise, Happy Octopus, Rotating Trojans, Ocean Balls, etc., Each device can freely combine, with a play equipment of different functions. Most of the equipment in the Children's Park is charged in accordance with the squad, the general cost is500-800 yuan / square meter. Of course, the specific price is still to see the material of the equipment and the specific style project to determine, the price given by Xiaobian is only reference.

Second, the way children's paradise equipment purchased

Second-hand transfer

Now there are second-hand market information on major children's mall websites. The price of the second-hand play equipment is relatively cheap. If luck will give a very good second-hand device. However, the equipment for second-hand transfer has certain quality problems, with a strong safety hazard, and the size of the equipment is difficult to match the site, so second-hand transfer is an alternative.

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2. Find the manufacturer locally

Children's paradise equipment purchase must find a manufacturer is relatively secure, and can be customized according to the size of the site, and higher project security services in all aspects of the sale. But pay attention to it is necessary to choose a regular manufacturer, learn about the strength of this manufacturer, cautious. In addition, the function and gameplay of the children's paradise equipment must also be understood, and the project is purchased according to the market.

3. Join the children's paradise brand

I believe this approach is a good way for the initial entrepreneur or experience. The choice of the brand determines the future development of a paradise. If you choose Music Children's Play Equipment Co., Ltd., we will provide site selection, store decoration, equipment purchase, and post-operation strategy a set of programs, which can be good according to the market. Develop product positioning.

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