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What kind of amusement equipment should be designed for kindergarten outdoor game environment?

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What kind of amusement equipment should be designed for kindergarten outdoor game environment?

    Children provide a planned and prepared educational environment that is different between kindergartens as educational institutions and families. Compared with indoors, the outdoor environment is not easy to be regarded as a learning environment, because it does not seem to be "formal" at all. In fact, there are many famous places in it.

kindergartenOutdoor gamesHow is the environment designed? What issues need attention? Below, Xiaobian takes you to understand one by one.The outdoor game environment planning should be tailored to local conditions and comprehensively consider all aspects of needs and requirements.

    Greening and beautification are the basic requirements for kindergarten outdoor environmental planning. Kindergartens should expand the green area as much as possible, plant all kinds of tall trees and low shrubs to ensure the green outdoor playground activities in the summer; There are flowers that make the kindergarten look like a big garden.

    Childhood, education and gamification are the most prominent characteristics of the kindergarten environment. Therefore, the outdoor game environment planning must be designed according to the characteristics and needs of children aged 3 to 6 years old, which not only makes the environment full of childlike fun, but also has a fairytale feeling. Under the premise of safety, meet the needs of children's various game activities such as drilling, climbing, running, jumping, etc., and fully tap the existing space conditions, so that children can fully enjoy the fun of outdoor games.

Outdoor combination rock climbing 5Outdoor combination climbing frame 1

Suitable for children of all ages needs and develops children's space

   The design of outdoor game venues should fully consider the characteristics and needs of children of different ages in the whole park, such as small classes and small class children. The development of physical movements is not perfect, and it is easy to wrestle. They can design a special semi-open soft game area for them. Soft cushions, plastic floor or artificial turf, children can run and jump, crawl, sit, and put some small toys such as balls, sandbags, cars, etc.Le Tu non-standard play + wooden slides physical photos + combination slide + swing - (5)Le Tu non-standard play + wooden slides physical photos + combination slide + swing - (15)Le Tu non-standard play + wooden slides physical photos + combination slide + swing - (18)

Clever use of natural elements and space

  Each kindergarten has different outdoor spaces and different sizes. When planning the game environment, it should be used according to local conditions. For example, the original low-lying places can be designed as small rivers, ditches, and erected bridges; if kindergarten outdoor space Too small, can use space in three dimensions, carry out three-dimensional greening, or climb horizontally in wall design; buy integrated large and medium-sized toys, placed on the side wall; design swings, rocking chairs, seesaws, etc. in tall trees; sand pool and paddling pool combination……

Outdoor climbing frame 1 Outdoor combination rock climbing 1 Outdoor combination rock climbing 4

Space design for the four seasons game activities

Outdoor gamesEnvironmental planning must be based on seasonal changes, considering outdoor game needs, such as strong summer sunshine, if there is no shade, from 10 am to 4 pm, it is difficult to organize children to go out, so if there are conditions, you can Design a green corridor, planting vines such as wisteria, dill, grapes, etc., and set up toys such as swings; in sand pools, pools, large toys,Sand water game playPlanting tall, leafy trees next to it; offering mysterious facilities such as caves, small castles, and game lodges.Outdoor large climbing net 1Outdoor combination rock climbing 9

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