What kind of aspects generally contain? To combine actual

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What kind of aspects generally contain? To combine actual

The normal operation of the Children's Paradise is inseparable from the planning of the previous design. Only the idea of ​​designing the design can make the paradise are loved by everyone, and a classic design requires that the content needs to be included, but can generally be divided into the following What time is it;

1: Teaching, parent-child design concept

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classicChildren's ParadiseWhat kind of aspects generally contain? To combine actual

Although most children's play equipment are designed for children in the 3-12 year old section, the early development of their children can affect the child's life, here, children can release their own nature, they can fully satisfy their Curiosity, so the design of the Children's Paradise should learn to learn more in play, let the parents participate in it, to feel the happiness of the child, the parents will put down the mobile phone to experience, so teaching and parent The core idea.

Second: Combine the design concept of local views

Most of the cases of failure are due to the failure of the design, can be summarized as repetitiveness, stiff hard curing, etc., can not play the child's phenomenon, although it is playing, but the child can't feel the happiness, need to break the inherent design The concept, combined with the local scenery and the local customs, carefully integrated into it, learning more knowledge in the play, this is the realm of the design, and the customer needs to accumulate, and a good design is nothing more than a good reputation. When everyone has to experience, you are the most successful.

Three: Design in combination

Only the size of the site and the characteristic integration is the perfect combination, because whether it is a shopping mall or an outdoor landscape, only the overall design of the slide is biased toward this design concept, not only can you cause everyone's interest, but also To provide a broader learning space, after a lot of practice, it shows that it can increase the sense of honor in people, and will give you a new feeling.

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What kind of aspects generally contain? To combine actual

In fact, there is still a lot about the design plan for classic children's paradise. If there is really demand in this area, you can go to some successful case locations to investigate and visit, understand local customs and characteristics, and carefully study the design, more demonstrations Only this can not regret.

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