What kind of landscape is not attractive?

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What kind of landscape is not attractive?

   "Children" has always been the center of change in design.Non-standard amusement landscapeThe theme of the theme is that today's only children are mostly, and parents give their best to give the best, the most expensive, and the best.Non-standard amusement landscapeDesigners use safety, style, and space as the main factors in their design. Children are always curious about new things and have a lot of interest. This is the latest way to open a children's playground landscape design!

   One of the most important design principles when planning a children's event venue is to use the “eyes to see the world”. The process of children's psychology, preferences, activities, and cognitive world is completely different from that of adults. Designers must be designed to stand out from the child's "height" so that they can be designed to be truly fit.Non-standard amusement landscapeChildren's venue.

   Children's growth is full of curiosity about the exploration of animals. In winter, a bird-hunting device is set up, hiding in a small corner, watching the birds in the middle of the trick, enjoying the happiness, and taking the designer's road after childhood, the birds have unique feelings.

Non-standard ride + bird combination slide + stainless steel slide + slide (2)

Non-standard amusement landscapeDesigners are the most understanding of the parents, but also the best to meet the needs of children.

Non-standard amusement + Chengdu Gaotou Corridor and stainless steel slide + swan combination slide (18)

Non-standard amusement landscapeChildren's play equipment, love nature, love life, this is the best childhood that designers want to give each child a pure, happy, carefree, fun and safe is the theme of this design.

Non-standard ride + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (4)

   In order to designNon-standard amusement landscapeThe attractive and versatile landscape that meets the needs of visitors, the designer creates an organic structure to satisfy more game functions. Children can climb in the device and hang up. However, these gameplay methods are not obvious. It needs to wait for the children to discover and experience the fun of discovery and exploration.

Non-standard rides + rides + plank road combination play + kindergarten rides (1)

Non-standard amusement landscapeThe design is inspired by a classic children's toy: Planet, Space Exploration, Star Wars, everyday life is everywhere, "Star" is so familiar to you and me, you can say who's childhood is talking about the planet!

Little Prince Park + Non-standard ride + Planet combination slide + stainless steel slide (2)


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