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What kind of projects do you invest in the square to make money? Rotating flying fish with a steady stream of wealth!

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What kind of projects do you invest in the square to make money? Rotating flying fish with a steady stream of wealth!

  The phrase "women and children's money is best earned" is the secret of Jewish business. According to relevant surveys, 70% of the social purchasing power comes from women. From shopping malls to street shops, the main force of consumption is women. Now, with the development of the economy and the strengthening of consumption, people's consumption of children has also greatly increased. Especially, the amusement project has been highly sought after by parents in recent years. The adoption of the second child policy will allow more families to have the birth of new children. Today's children are all at home, so if the child likes it, the parents will basically agree to let the children play.

   Mr. Qi from Fuyang City, Anhui Province, seized on this idea. After more than a month of market research, he concluded thatSquare playThe investment is quick and effective, suitable for your work situation, work during the day, and spread at night. After a number of comparisons, I have determined that our company's products are of excellent quality, good service and reasonable price, and finally decided to purchase the production of our company.Rotating flying fishAnd opened on June 8, 2018. At the beginning of the business, the children were immediatelyRotating flying fishThe beautiful shape and the beautiful lighting are deeply attracted, and will be immediatelyRotating flying fishSurrounded by the group, the hope of rushing to the first place can be played happily on the equipment for a few laps. The children are vying for the game, the parents and friends can hear the price, and the children like it, they will pay for the children. The receipt was full at night.

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