What kinds of children's slides?

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What kinds of children's slides?

Children's slide is one of the amusement facilities that take some comprehensive functional movements such as running, drill, climbing, climbing, sliding, turning, rolling, letting children do both doing their body, and getting the pummy . Let the children's balance, independent coordination and ability to create great improvements, and it is also conducive to children's self-protection awareness. So what are the popular slide types?

This article contains the following:

First, stainless steel slide

Second, wooden slide

Third, plastic slide

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1, stainless steel slide

The stainless slide is not only good weather resistance, not long service life, compared with ordinary materials, the stainless slide has better environmentally friendly, corrosion, smooth, smooth and smooth. Applicable scenario: large commercial complex, community, kindergarten, scenic spot, villa, etc.

2, wooden slide

Usually wooden slides are more expensive than slides of plastic materials. The wood is natural material, natural, beautiful, beautiful, and easy to process, easy color, important is safe, non-toxic, harmless to children. Wooden slides are well maintained, life and ordinary slides are different!

3, plastic slide

Plastic slides are relatively inexpensive. It is waterproof and anti-corrosion when it is used, and it is very durable. Application scenario: large business super, communities, kindergartens, etc.

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