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What kinds of outdoor large players?

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What kinds of outdoor large players?

With the continuous improvement of society, people have also higher and higher in the development of children's physical and mental health. There is a large and small outdoor play equipment, facing many alternative equipment, and parents should consider. A variety of, one of the most important one is which type of type of type device is suitable for children, then what outdoor large play equipment?

This article contains the following:

First, expand the outdoor large play equipment

Second, entertainment outdoor large play equipment

Third, sports outdoor large play equipment

Outdoor large climbing network 2

1, expand outdoor large play equipment

Outdoor large-scale play equipment, generally a high security ground extension, with safety protection measures such as air cushions to ensure the safety of young children. This amusement facility is generally in combination, including: drill tubes, wooden bridges, plum blossoms, swing bridges, climbing walls, hanging bridges, Z-bridges, etc. This is very beneficial to the child's physical exercise.

2, entertainment outdoor large play equipment

This type is represented by slides, generally slide as a core entertainment equipment, and distributed various types of swings, rocking, and small climbing walls. Children's slide kindergarten generally choose the castle slide, and also choose non-standard customized slides according to their needs, usually used for large spaces such as playground.

3, sports outdoor large play equipment

This type is generally in medium large-scale climbing nets, or the climbing network is dominated, and the high degree of amusement equipment is mainly playing equipment. It is used to make the children under safety protection, you can exercise.

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