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What outdoor amusement equipment needs to be equipped with kindergarten?

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What outdoor amusement equipment needs to be equipped with kindergarten?

The indoor environment of establishing kindergartens is very important. The same outdoor environment is also very important. Modern education should not be just classroom learning, cultivating young people, morality, intellectual, body, beauty, labor, outdoor toys, the outdoor large toys are also very good. important. So what are the play equipment that kindergarten needs?

This article contains the following:

1, combined slide

2, climbing net

3, swing

4, physical fitness

First, combined slide

Children have the nature of love, the slide is essential,Combination slideThe function is designed according to the characteristics of children like diamonds, climbing, slipping, and color matching is also a preferences for children.

Second, climbing the net

For children aged, kindergarten needs to be equippedRope network climbThe children have adventurous spirit, this rope network climbs high and low fluctuations, just suitable for adventures, driving the children's sports. The rope net climb is like the feeling of the superhero flying into the wall, brought a small hero for the child. This large outdoor facility requires children's hands and feet, exercising all parts of the body, promoting the healthy growth of children.

Third, swing

Swing is also indispensable, children have a dream of flying, I believe that we are young, always imagine themselves. Swing is the feeling of flying to the children, and the swing is accompanied by the laughter of the children's silver bell, and it is also an active beauty.

Fourth, physical fitness

At present, kindergarten needs enough venues to build outdoor activities for children. Of course, outdoor activities also have seesaw, shake music, balanced wood, etc., these facilities are entertaining, relaxing and exercising for children.

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