What places in the funds that build water parks?

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What places in the funds that build water parks?

water parkIt is a very popular tourist attraction, especially in the summer, you can use the people in the mountains to describe its passenger traffic, so I also attracted some businesses to build the water park, then which places in the construction of the water park generally spend, below Let us know.

This article contains the following:

1, site cost and civil cost

2, water park equipment

3, operating costs

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First, site cost and civil construction fees

The cost of the water park and the cost of civil construction projects is the most invested in the water park, usually more than half of the total investment. The cost of civil construction projects and the cost of water park equipment are about 1.8: 1.

Second, the water park equipment

Water park equipmentThe cost is also the main cost water park construction, second only to site construction, including water slides, wavy equipment, water supply equipment and other auxiliary facilities.

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Third, operating costs

Operating costs include labor, advertising, service, etc., and operational plans can be self-adjusted.

(1) Short construction period, short return

In the summer, the water park across the country is basically present, presenting people in the sea in the operation during operation. The construction period of the water park is usually 6 months to 1 and a half years (according to the production situation of the cooperative water park equipment manufacturers and climate environments and project size in each region). If the plan is reasonable, in normal operation, the cost can be recovered in the first year or the second year, and the profit will enter in the third year. Water park with ideal business conditions has begun to return to profits in the first year. Water parks in a non-home state have a direct relationship with the investment plan.

(2) Promote local economic development

As an emerging theme park, the water park combines with other tourism resources, which can greatly promote the tourism development of a region. Therefore, it is attached and supported by the government. The water park can combine regional economy in combination with comprehensive real estate projects such as shops, shopping malls and high-end residential areas around the surrounding area, and increase value. The water park exceeds 1 million a year. High-consumption groups not only form a powerful business platform, but also enable developers to see huge benefits to help improve local employment.

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