What project park square is set up to make money - Rotating lift aircraft

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What project park square is set up to make money - Rotating lift aircraft

The release of the second child has created a hot market for infants and toddlers, and the amusement project is undoubtedly one of the choices for entrepreneurship.Due to the impact of the market environment,Many people face difficulties in life and employment is difficult. How can we break through the status quo and achieve self-employment? Today, when the store rents remain high, the market stalls are low in cost and low in risk.Mobile stalls are the preferred option for initial startup in the event of a shortage of funds.

   In the end, what kind of stall projects are the risks and the long-term development? Today, Xiaobian introduces a children's play project, which is not only popular among children aged 1-7, but also for parents of safe play projects. This project is a disassembly structure, convenient for transportation and installation, suitable for mobile stalls, and at the same time, it has less investment. low risk.

12-seat lift product introduction (1)12-seat lift product introduction (2)

   Mr. Yang comes fromQujing, Yunnan Province, when it was in Chengdu in May 2018, it was initially exposed to the lift aircraft. The dazzling and colorful lights of the project attracted the attention of the children. The children did not agree to leave when they sat for a long time.

   Back to Qujing, Mr. Yang learned from many parties and decided to test the project. The convenient movement of the lift aircraft is very suitable for Mr. Yang’s situation. The local rent is high and there are not many outdoor recreation projects. Mr. Yang decided to use it for the stall business.In accordance with the idea of ​​Mr. Yang, please ask our master to make special processing.

   After the lifted aircraft stalls, the business is boomingThe appearance is novel and the quality is excellent. Baby likes, mom is assured.


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