What projects have large outdoor unmissive players

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What projects have large outdoor unmissive players

The non-powered amusement equipment refers to a play product that does not have any external energy and self-consumption, because there is very low wear resistance in powerless play equipment, high equipment safety coefficient, good experience, strong interaction, More and more investors have begun to pay attention to this investment product that is favored by the market. What projects do you have in large outdoor no powerful players? Which products are more suitable for public places such as parks, kindergartens, communities?

At this stage, large outdoor unimplement amusement equipment, which is concerned at the market, includes: Military combination slide, Sha pool park, climbing rope net, physical project, outdoor trampoline, etc. According to the type of experience, it can be divided into challenges, interactions and experience.

This article contains the following

1. Challenge the powerful power equipment

2. Interactive classless power equipment

3. Experience the powerless equipment

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First, challenge the powerful power equipment

Challenge Amusement equipment is under the premise of safety protection measures, let the children make difficult challenges across the sky or equipment, can be running, climbing, jumping, speed and other gameplay, exciting children's adventure and exploring outdoor ability. . What projects do you have in large outdoor unmissive play equipment? The more typical challenges, the play equipment has \"Aerial stroll \", \"rope net climbing \", the children are under safe protection, they will challenge the top.

Second, interactive class without power equipment

The interactive powerless equipment uses a large space to give people better interactions to complete the challenge task. Outdoor Parent-child Amusement Park is a very good case. This is to let the children and parents cooperate together to complete the rides, high safety factors, and each interactive equipment has good safeguards, and does not require experience to take the initiative to wear safety equipment.

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Third, experience the powerless equipment

3-6 years old children are more suitable for experiencing powerless equipment, which covers a small area of ​​equipment, but functionality is comprehensive and experienced. What projects do you have in large outdoor unmissive play equipment? Sha pool, trampoline, slippery is a product that belongs to experience, is a play equipment for hospitals, communities, kindergartens, early education centers.

Based on the feedback of most experiencers, the safety factor and experience of the airless play equipment are higher, and it is also more willing to produce secondary consumption. Music, self-developed, self-developed, self-developed, non-powered products, in line with national security production standards, is available to the public, and investors can choose according to their own investment budgets and programs, we provide thousands of different outdoor no powered equipment, let you more Space Select the product you intended to.


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