What should I pay attention to in the purchase of an outdoor children's playground?

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What should I pay attention to in the purchase of an outdoor children's playground?

Children like to go to the outdoor playground to play interesting amusement equipment, all kinds of amusement good equipment let the children are delightful! But when you invest in the picking of the play equipment, you are worried that there is no good experience, I don't know where to pick up. So, what do you need to pay attention to the purchase of an outdoor children's playground purchase equipment? Below, let the professionals of the music map amusement equipment manufacturers teach you some of the rules of picking equipment!

This article contains the following

Age in the play equipment

True value of rides

Pay attention to the quality and safety of rides

Racing facilities

First, the age of amusement equipment

Amusement equipment in different age groups has a big difference, children under the age of three are suitable for some basic climbing small equipment, children between 3s and eight years old can conduct some difficult challenges Intelligence and physical training, children over eight years old can expand training. Only when outdoor players do a bigger playing facility with different age groups, customers can enhance customer usage.

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Second, the true value of the ride facilities

The concept of a new generation of children's paradise is on the reform of educational parent-child concept, enhancing the relationship between parent-child, studying in playing, expanding the development of benefits, so when choosing children's equipment, first consider the current market environment and expand The new educational concept, match the market advantage and the educational concept, can do a good job in the development of the amusement park.

Third, pay attention to the quality and safety of rides

The quality of anything is the focus of extra attention. The quality and safety of the children's paradise are also heavy. When he picks the equipment, it is necessary to see a comprehensive process capability of a manufacturer. Whether the material used is green and environmentally friendly, whether the edge design of the equipment is delicate. The material safety of the play equipment is a necessity that amusement parks or even the development of the entire industry.

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + Chengdu Wanhua Mei Delu (21)

Fourth, the comprehensiveness of the amusement facility

The types and forms of children's outdoor play equipment are very different. From different perspectives, the quality of the equipment can bring to children to explore autumn living heart, and the playability of children's play equipment is also very important, interactive experience is more Welcome. A comprehensive and diverse outdoor play equipment can increase both the relationship between parent-child, but also cultivate the team's awareness between the children.

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