What should be paid to the user's fitness equipment?

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What should be paid to the user's fitness equipment?

InstallOutdoor fitnessMaterial is required for every cell, but the masses used outdoor fitness equipment is not everything you know outdoors fitness equipment, then what should we pay attention to when using outdoor fitness equipment?

Use outdoor fitness equipment to pay attention to the next few aspects:

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1. Those who often exercise outside the aerobics, to master the speed of the exercise, generally should not exceed 110 times per minute, high or less than 120 times / minute. If you don't often participate, you should choose the exercise project that is right for you.

2. Before using the outdoor fitness equipment to exercise, be prepared, warm up for 10 ~ 15 minutes. Doing so can prevent the neck, twisted waist and damage to nerve.

3. Do some finishing activities after the outdoor fitness equipment movement. Because people have dilated blood vessels after exercise, if they are sitting in the ground, people's blood can't return to the heart in the far end of the body, they will feel the heart of the heart, have high blood pressure and heart disease. Comrade. I have to take a walk after exercise, buffer for about 10 minutes.

The use of outdoor fitness equipment for some young people and the living life of the elderly bring entertainment and health, long outdoor fitness equipment safe use period is also limited, then how many years are recommended for outdoor fitness equipment? ?

Such as horizontal bars and parallel bars; due to the higher the operator's fitness exercise, there is a certain movement difficulty and danger, and the elastic deformation caused by repeated use is easy to make the horizontal bumper, in the reference competitive horizontal bar On the basis of 1 year of safety usage, the safe use of all equipment for all equipment for all equipment in the implementation of outdoor fitness equipment has been implemented in October 1, 2011.

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The second category is a device having various types of active components including rotation, swinging or sliding or the like. Such as walking, swing, swing, sci-chair, seesaw, etc. Under the conditions of the basics, the service life of this type of outdoor fitness equipment is determined in the useful life of outdoor fitness equipment in use.

The third category is the stable equipment without any active components. Such as fixed pedal, balanced wood (actually steel parts), fixed ladder,Climbing wall, Sit-up bed, etc.


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