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What types of inflatable water parks have

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What types of inflatable water parks have

Recently, there are many interested in inflatable water parks, but customers who are not familiar with this product asked which products in the inflatable water park. In fact, it is a very simple feet that is very simple, and it will not be like the complicated scene of the traditional water park that we want to think.

People who understand the inflatable products know that the inflatable products are made of PVC or TPU materials, and then the appearance and functional characteristics of various products are displayed by wind and inflating. Then, our inflatable water park products are also combined with the product, which is characterized by free combination (generally by: inflatable slide, inflatable pool or stent pool, water jet bed, inflatable boat, water seesaw, water iceberg, water A combination of walkballs, water drums, water passets, etc.). If you detach a detailed distinction between the inflatable water park, you can be divided into the following types.

1, super large

2, theme type

3, applicable

4, basic type

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (31)

First, super large

Generally, a large-scale water park is typically combined with a number of applicable inflatable water parks. This investment cost is large, but the yield is also very considerable.

Second, theme

Generally, the manufacturer develops and produces products in a certain theme style, which has the same place in combination configuration with the applicable inflatable water park. However, the appearance and function of the theme development of inflatable water parks are stronger, entertaining, and more attractive to players.

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (35)

Third, applicable

From an inflatable pool or a stent pool, an inflatable slide, a water jet bed, a seesaw, you can form an applicable inflatable water park, in addition to the basic type of advantages, the applicable type is more than playing, plus You can choose a unique slide, attractive, and funity. This type of applicable has a higher proportion of market share in the inflatable water park.

Fourth, basic type

Through an inflatable swimming pool or a stent, you can form an inflatable boat or other small water toys, you can form a basic type of inflatable water park. Its advantage is that the investment cost is not high, the venue requires low, only one size is appropriate For the convenient venue with water, you can operate.

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