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Where can I buy stainless steel slides in Zhejiang? Zhejiang stainless steel slide manufacturer

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Where can I buy stainless steel slides in Zhejiang? Zhejiang stainless steel slide manufacturer

In recent years,Stainless steel slideIt has become a trend, and many shopping centers have installed stainless steel slides and become a place for online celebrities! Not only the shopping center, many residential parks and other places have also begun to install stainless steel slides. So, where can we buy stainless steel slides in Zhejiang?

When you purchase a stainless steel slide in Zhejiang, you can choose to entertain. Tu entertainment has customized many stainless steel slides, and customer evaluation is very satisfied. Zhejiang Stainless Steel Slide Manufacturer Chart Entertainment Products From R & D and raw material procurement, the entire chain of production and sales will have corresponding management processes and regulations. After more than 100 large and small quality inspections before and after, the quality inspection responsibility of each link is around, so the whole process can be traced back and controlled, and each product arriving in the user is safe and qualified!

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Main contents of this article:

First, the stainless steel slide styling

Second, stainless steel slide material is environmentally friendly and weather resistance

Third, the stainless steel slide process excellence

Fourth, stainless steel slides are not limited by the site

5. Stainless steel slide maintenance is simple

Stainless steel slide can be applied

Stainless steel slides are suitable for large shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores, small and soldiers, infant products stores, various toys stores, Children's Hospital, Community Hospital, Community Square, Community Park, Theme Park, Children's Park, Small Playground, Kindergarten, Juvenile Palace, station, terminal and other people flow intensive public places.

Stainless steel slide as a new entertainment equipment, why is this welcome in recent years?

1, the shape of the shape

Compared to the disadvantage of the traditional plastic slide, mold production, slide size, shape fixation and other disadvantages, stainless steel slides can be tailored to the venue and requirements provided by customers.

Moreover, there are many types of stainless steel slides, which can be spiral s slides, straight slides, curved slides, cylinders, semi-cylindrical slides, straight slides, whole bucket slides, translucent slides, cross twumulators. Also cover the transparent cover, change the colorful light, gorgeous.

2, material is environmentally friendly and weathered

Stainless steel slides are generally made of weather resistance 304 stainless steel plates, which have the advantages of safe environmental protection, stable performance, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, smoothness, and cleaning. Even in the outdoor wind and rain, it will not be deformable.

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3, the process excellence

In the process, the stainless steel slides mainly use argon arc welding and heat treatment processes, which is carefully polished, polished, and brushed, removes surface burrs and welding traces, so that their surface appears to be round and heavy.

4, not limited by the site

The stainless steel slide is not high on the installation site, and the design is not limited by the high length. It can be installed on the flat ground, or it can be built according to the whale, or it can be built on the shelf. The length can be 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, and from the top of the top to 1 floor from the 6th floor

5, easy to maintain

Due to the use of 304 stainless steel, it has the characteristics of strong anti-pollution, wear resistance, not easily damage, and after the basic installation is completed, there is no need for excessive maintenance, just safety checks!

also,Stainless steel slideThe after-sales service of the device is also the problem to pay attention to when purchasing. Since such devices have problems with problems, they can solve problems better. Zhejiang stainless steel slide music play is also very good in the after-sales, always helping customers solve after-sales problems!

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