Where is the rainbow slide? How to design slope?

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Where is the rainbow slide? How to design slope?

Colorful rainbow slides have become a good place to play in many people, not only safe and playable, can be slidable alone, can also slip together with friends, and spend the most beautiful in the laughter. Time, then where is the rainbow slide? In fact, with the increase of investors, there is already a lot of colorful rainbow parks around us. You can see the rainbow slide near you. Today, Xiaobian talks about investment operators more concerned. That is, how is the rainbow slope design?

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Where is the rainbow slide? How to design slope?

generallyRainbow slideThe slope is between 3 degrees and 12 degrees, and the projection is strictly calculated, and the purpose is to prevent accidents in the process of playing, and put some soft materials in the bottom of the rainbow slide. Generally, it is a piece of cotton or inflated balloon. In fact, for investors, these issues only need to give professional rainbow slide manufacturers, just provide the data of the site and location, many are One-stop service, including the design, installation and operation of the slide, and can be suggested with the size of the slope and the size of the designer, but it will be rejected, slide in the reasonable requirements. Slope directly affects the irritation of play and experience, but the bigger hidden dangers in slopes are also increased, and investors should be reasonably suggested, and listen to the requirements of manufacturers, after all, safety is always the most important.

In fact, the composition of the rainbow slide is relatively simple, mainly the slider, lawn, protective edge, and inflatable equipment, etc., according to different designers of the site, the operator can go according to the geographical environment and Surrounded by the human environment, if the population of the play is mainly a child, then in the design of the slope, it can be used in small points, add some parent-child design, and let the parents and children experience together, and the safety warning sign in the factory and security personnel Equipment must meet the requirements, if an emergency safety accident occurs, there can be a matching solution.

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Where is the rainbow slide? How to design slope?

Rainbow slides have become one of our net red projects around us, so the prospect of investment is still very bright. If you are being investive and have this method, you can try it.

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