Which material is large slide? What kind of performance

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Which material is large slide? What kind of performance

The greater the combination slide, the larger, add a lot of new features on the original basis, so that many users have experienced unprecedented fun in the slide equipment. This is the requirement of this era to the slide equipment, and it is indeed very good to meet the preferences of contemporary users. And the current large slide equipment uses a wide variety of materials that can play different exhibitions and directly determine the type of combined slide.

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Which material is large slide? What kind of performance

1. What are the material types of the current combination slide?

From the perspective of the whole market,Combination slideThe main material is glass. Because the glass looks more beautiful, and can achieve transparent effects, it can greatly enhance the interest of children. In addition, there is a combination slide of plastic materials, and it has reached a self-friendly demand on the material, and there will be no problems with your hand touch. Moreover, the treated plastic is very smooth, playing will play more fun. In addition, the wooden slide is also a good choice, and its style will be more special.

Second, what are the structures of the combination slide?

The current combination slides are getting more and more innovative, and the equipment is getting more and more abundant. From the structure of the combination slide, it is mainly divided into a combination of slides and rock climbing methods. The former will design the slide into the shape of the building, and then cooperate with the combination of various parts, which can make it a collection of entertainment. The slide of the rock climbing method mainly combines two gameplay of rock climbing and slide equipment, and it can be combined with a good combination to further enhance your child's interest.

Third, what is the difference between different material properties?

The current large slide is more flexible in the material, and the different materials can bring a different advantage. For example, a popular glass material, it can take care of the beautiful and transparent effects, improve the desire of children; the cost of plastic material is relatively low, and it is easy to reflect bright colors, more easily attracting children; wooden combination slides Soft, better to avoid children to encounter bumps.

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Which material is large slide? What kind of performance

In short, the material of the large slide is selected according to the user's business ideas. The equipment required by different occasions is also different. For example, children in children, choose the plastic material. If this is a more empowerment, you will consider the slide of the glass.

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