Which places can be applied?

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Which places can be applied?

The emergence of the unpatisled amusement equipment has been praised by many people, and everyone's attention is caused in different places. The major outdoor public places are less interesting and beautiful, and the children's paradise must have a support of the play equipment. Which places can be applied? If you can make money in accordance with the profitable place, you should consider whether the selection of the site is correct.

This article contains the following

Large business circle

2. Community Park

3. Kindergarten

First, large business district

The business district is the core of a city, the passenger traffic, complete products, comprehensive industrial development, parents children like to visit the business district. If this time, the children can play, and parents can't help but feel free. Therefore, there is a good role in providing a good role in providing children and parents, and there is no powerful amusement equipment is high, and you can rest assured that your child is playing.

Outdoor Amusement Facilities + Children's Amusement Equipment + Nothing Amusement (29)

Second, the community park

Community Park is a place where the gods will take place after tea, and the children can play in the park. If you build a play equipment that can mobilize your child's active and enthusiasm in the park, you can also increase your hobbies. When children are playing amusement equipment, they can enjoy the knowledge of other qualifications. For example, swings, slide slides, climbing walls, trampolines are the test of physical fitness and courage.

Third, kindergarten

Which places can be applied? Kindergarten should be a long-term and stable applicable amusement equipment. If the product quality is not good, it also affects the children's class mood, but also may cause a certain danger. The construction technology of no powerful amusement equipment is more deeper, and it is more reasonable for security control, and can give children a health and safety amusement environment. At the same time, the kindergarten installed no powerful play equipment can also give full play to its value, and it is used.

Outdoor Amusement Facilities + Children's Amusement Equipment + Nothing Amusement (32)

In summary, which places can be applied? The non-powered amusement equipment is not limited by the site, the applicable scenes, the residential, scenic spots, parks, kindergartens, and Wenchuang Park are available. Inletless play equipment is not only playing products, but also a small skill that enhances image, of course, is also a good project.


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