Which types of equipment for the Enthusweight Amusement Equipment Factory contain? various kinds

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Which types of equipment for the Enthusweight Amusement Equipment Factory contain? various kinds

In recent years, many investors have seen the development prospects of unstowered play equipment, but if they want long-term operation and get good revenue effect, they need their own characteristics, and to meet the needs of each experience. And there is a profound understanding of the amusement equipment market. The development of the wind should also be aware. Then, whether it is for investors or parents, you should know which types of non-powerful players, and how much is the age interval for different devices? Let's take a look at this aspect.

Non-standard travel + large combination slide Nanjing Vanke Stainless steel large slide (18)

Inlet Emalre Equipment FactoryWhich types are included? various kinds

The most common is the jungle crossing. It can be equipped with height, highly different, different styles and stimulating functions, so that children can make children in the jungle, and this rough play space can make children and nature. Intimate Contact, the potential in the process of challenge will also be played. These knowledge is not learned by textbooks, and only personally experienced the meaning of them.

It is very pressing that the child living in the city is very large, which will worry about the courses every day. In addition to the jungle crossing, similar airborne equipment, there are large-scale drilling equipment, climbing equipment, naughty castle trampolines, swing, seesaw, rock climbing, etc., these equipment are environmentally-friendly, and many equipment It can be made in place in the spot according to the surrounding shape.

Another common type of unimplement amusement is a stainless steel slide. It is necessary for the child to play during the process of playing, the body and the eyes are controlled. In the process of playing, you can make your body more flexibly and instant, and you can promote them faster growth, get unprecedented joy in the laughter.

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Which types of equipment for the Enthusweight Amusement Equipment Factory contain? various kinds

According to the relevant research data, long-term outdoor sports can exercise your child's body, and in the later study process, the flexibility and intelligence of the brain are significantly higher than the same age, and the idea of ​​solving the problem and the thinking of Siwei will be more extensive. In the process of solving the difficulties in a time, cultivation is not afraid of suffering, not afraid of difficulties, these are essential attitudes in the future. So this is a very important thing, and the market for operators, the market of the non-powered play equipment has just begun, still in the stage of initial development, the market space is still relatively broad.

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