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Why are stainless steel slides so popular with customers?

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Why are stainless steel slides so popular with customers?

  In recent years, the stainless steel slides of Letu Amusement have been enthusiastically sought after by our customers. As high-endPlayground Equipmentproject,Stainless steel slideThe entry of the community not only greatly improved the grade of the community, but also enriched the amateur life of the community residents.不锈钢滑梯Gradually replacing fitness equipment has become the standard of the community. What is more remarkable is that the major shopping malls are also equipped with slides, but also achieve the purpose of drainage.

Then everyone must be curious about what kind of characteristics of such a stainless steel slide? Why has it become a standard for all major amusement parks, and even the residential quarters have introduced slides? Then let's go down together!

Non-standard ride + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (5)

First, the shape of the freewheel

    Some of the regular amusement equipment is usually quite rigid. It is just like buying it. In simple terms, it can't be changed. And the music of the music is factoryStainless steel slideAccurate solutions based on site requirements and customer requirements. The types of slides include: full-tube slides, half-tube slides, translucent slides, straight slides, spiral S slides, cross-twisted hovering, etc. More importantly, these slides can be attached to other amusement equipments and become a combination slide. To say that the Sun Monkey has seventy-two changes, the stainless steel slide is the real-life granddaughter.

Non-standard amusement + Chengdu Gaotou Corridor and stainless steel slide + swan combination slide (18)

Second, the material is indestructible

    The stainless steel slide of Letu Play is made of 304 stainless steel with strong weather resistance as the material thickness of 4mm, which is made by welding technology and heat treatment technology. The brushed stainless steel surface is more noble and heavy, and the stainless steel slide has an absolute advantage in material compared to some conventional amusement equipment on the market. Some amusement rides are installed outdoors. After long-term wind and rain, you may not know what it is, but stainless steel slides can be used for decades without deformation, non-corrosion, and no rust.

Children's playground equipment + parrot slide + foreign play case (7)

Third, the craft is improving

    Although the stainless steel slides seem particularly thrilling, they are actually extremely safe. The welding part of the slide is argon-arc welded to prevent oxidation and absorption of harmful gases, thus forming a dense welded joint, and its mechanical properties are very good. Then, after careful brushing and drawing, it is spliced ​​together, and the overall appearance is very solid.

Fourth, flexible installation

    First of all, the stainless steel slides are not very demanding on the installation site. They can be installed on the ground or on the slope, or even on the shelf. Secondly, when the slide is installed, part of the slides are flanged and connected, which is very convenient. There are also some slides that are integral, as long as they are simply fixed.Le Tu non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + Fujian dragon slide - (44)

    Someone asked me what amusement equipment is the most cost-effective, it must beStainless steel slide. Not only is the affordable price novel, but more importantly the quality is very good. Shopping malls, playgrounds, kindergartens, real estate, etc. are worth having a stainless steel slide.

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