Why is the custom amusement device so hot - music map

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Why is the custom amusement device so hot - music map

With the level of childhood education, the children grow up at the growth of children, and the play toys from small companionship is also a subtle change. For example, traditional playing water, playing sand has been eliminated by most parents, gradually moving into customized interactive outdoor play equipment. Then why is the outdoor custom playing equipment so hot, is it favored by parents?

The main core business of music map is to explore the reasons for the outdoors of playing amusement equipment.

This article contains the following

1. Demand for the development of the times

2. Custom product flexibility is greater

3. Customized equipment is more attractive

First, the demand for the development of the times

The times are progressing, and we have a higher demand for children, and it is also higher for children's growth environment. For products that have no help, they will face their elimination, which is also the main reason for more outdoor non-calibration products. Why is the outdoor custom playing equipment so hot? Obviously, the second child policy, even the three-child policy is not small, and it is necessary to win the educational concept on the starting line.

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Second, outdoor customized product flexibility is greater

As everyone knows, customized products are professional design according to the area and characteristics, and Tu play has dozens of professional play equipment designers who have received awards. They can subtly use every place in the venue, laying in different locations. Amusement products. In this way, it is not only to strengthen the utilization of the site, but also increase the true value of the play product.

Third, the outdoor custom equipment is more attractive

Why is the outdoor custom playing equipment so hot? Obviously, the customized product can be replicated, so when the children see that they have never seen the play equipment, they will definitely want to try. Everyone may be attracted by the color, shape, appearance, specifications and materials of custom equipment, because they see different things in the same place will have curious psychology.

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Why is the outdoor custom playing equipment so hot? The above is the music map play for custom playing equipment, why is this hot analysis, in this rapidly developed era, we can significantly feel the development and change of outdoor customized play equipment, plus the number of domestic children, I believe in the future The market that customs amusement equipment will gradually expand.

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