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Why is the market quotation gap between the same amount of outdoor play equipment?

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Why is the market quotation gap between the same amount of outdoor play equipment?

Children's playground invests many investors to ask how much is the price of equipment, and how much is investment probably. These are all invested by investors to consult the paradise. In fact, there is no actual reference indicator for the price of the play equipment, it is a value that is difficult to answer. Due to the different area sizes of the Children's Park, the equipment configuration, decoration level, etc., how the equipment needs the equipment needed is unclear. At the same time, there is also the price difference between the same style and the large-scale play equipment in the market, which is why, analyze the analysis!

This article contains the following:

1. Equipment raw material impact price

2. Production process impact price

3. Device configuration impact price

Banyan combination 5

First, the effect of equipment raw materials

There are many different types of children's play equipment. For example, the usual equipment in the market, such as the use of equipment such as slides, microsplaphs, sponge balls, EPP, EVA, stainless steel, imported wood, etc., each material price is not the same. Under normal circumstances, the material of the environmentally friendly material is more expensive than ordinary materials. The import materials are more expensive than domestic production materials, so that the price difference between the same style has emerged.

Second, the production process affects price

Every play equipment supplier has its own process technology indicators, and each production process will have its own technology and level, and the value of high technology high manufacturers and the value is high, then the price is naturally higher. In case of common outdoor combination slides, in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, some suppliers will have multiple layers in order to ensure the safety of the equipment. Such a product is high, but customers buy relief consumers use peace of mind.

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Third, the equipment configuration is affected

The same children's play equipment is different in the interior, such as between the monomer slide and the combination slide, the monomer slide can only complete the function of the slide, but the combination slide can complete the climbing, walk, run, slide , Climbing, etc. The more project's configuration function items, the quotation is higher.

Many investors will not let themselves cost more than three in order to buy equipment, and learn about each manufacturer's quotation and quotation, so that they buy more reasonable devices!

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