Why is the stainless steel slide so popular?

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Why is the stainless steel slide so popular?

In recent years, new stainless steel slides have been popular. Whether it is the indoor children's paradise or large outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, parks, communities, and attractions are less stainless steel slides. As a high-end play equipment project, the stainless steel slide is not only greatly improved, but also a mall, playground drainage. Why is the stainless steel slide so popular? As a new type of rides, what is unique? What is the quality of the stainless steel slide to identify the quality? Let's take a look at it.

First, the shape is in the heart

Second, the material is environmentally friendly and the weather resistance is good

Third, the process excellence

Fourth, not limited by the site

Five, easy to maintain

Stainless steel slide is a new type of slide equipment, which is its attractive charm?

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1, the shape of the shape

Slide-molding, mold production, slide size, shape fixed, but stainless steel slide, the stainless steel slide, the stainless steel slide, is tailored to the venue and requirements provided by customers. product. In addition, the stainless steel slide is diverse, can have a spiral S slide, a straight slide, a curved slide, a slide, a half-tube, a straight slide, a full bucket, a translucent slide, a cross spandral, and the like can be covered, and the transparent cover can be covered. Transform multicolored lights, beautiful and eye-catching.

2, material is environmentally friendly and weathered

Stainless steel slides generally use strong 304 stainless steel plates with high weather resistance as basic materials, with safety environmental protection, stable performance, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth, smooth, clean and clean. Even in the outdoor wind blowing rains for decades, it will not be deformable.

3, the process excellence

Stainless steel slides are mainly made of argon arc welding and heat treatment techniques. After the welding, the careful abrasive brushed treatment is removed, remove the surface of the burrs and soldering, so that the appearance surface looks round, more remarkable.

Stainless steel slide real scene map (22)

4, notlimitsite

The stainless steel slide is not high on the setting site, and the design is not limited by the high length, that is, it can be installed on flat ground, or can be built in the shelf, and can even be 3 meters, 5 meters, 10. Rice, 20 meters can, and can be rotated from the 6-layer top floor to the 1st floor ground.

5, easy to maintain

Since 304 stainless steel is made, there is a feature of strong anti-pollution, wear resistance, and not easily damaged. After the basic installation is completed, there is no need for too much maintenance, as long as you have safety inspection!

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