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  • Commercial playground rides, overall project planning must do

    I. Determining the nature of the project, the market research and analysis of the nature of the project: 1. Direct profitable management of the playground core research six elements: business environment, consumption flow, consumption capacity, competition project, competitive cost, revenue forecast 2, Indirect profit-type drainage raw playground core research five elements: industry analysis, competition dimension, audience analysis, conversion goals, benefit prediction 2. According to market research, the core pain points of the project is determined, and the project positioning of projects from flow to transformation is preliminy. Solution: 1. A playground for operating the nature: Solve 4 core pain points of operators - how to achieve high conversion rate, how to achieve high repo rate, how to implement the introduction rate; solve the 7 cores of the audience Pain - high playability, physical and mental health, comfortable environment, safety, consumption, intimate service, value-for-money experience 2, drainage properties \"Solve the 4 core pain points of the operator -

  • How to intuitively understand the price of children's outdoor play equipment?

    Entrepreneurs who want to invest outdoor children's playgrounds are certainly in the early stage to understand their equipment quotation and manufacturers service information. Different manufacturers will have a lot of quotations to investors, and they are as the same equipment. Will be mainly due to problems such as work or transportation. As investors can fully understand the price of children's outdoor playground, more intuitive? What should I do, we lead the investors to discuss how to intuitively understand the price of children's outdoor play equipment!

  • How to plan a child outdoor play equipment

    The types of children's outdoor play equipment are widely selected. There are also a lot of investors to attach great importance to the development of outdoor play industries, and want to join in the investment industry. Prior to this, you must first understand which outdoor children's play equipment, how to plan more fun, and systematically develop in the previous project plan, so that more consumers can be attracted. Then the music map is briefly introduced, how do children's outdoor play equipment plan?

  • Outdoor large play equipment investment price high favorable factors

    There are many entrepreneurs to be interested in children's outdoor playground investment projects, but because the investment prices in the playground will have a lot of economic pressure to entrepreneurs, leading to it. It may be perfect in 2 years ago, 1 million yuan to invest in a child outdoor playground can be done perfect, but now tens of millions may face risks. These difficulties have restricted the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, but the price factor is thrown, and the outdoor children's playground is not advantageous in high competitive pressure. What are the advantageous factors in the overtest large-scale play equipment?

  • How much is the price of the kindergarten slide, how to choose a slide device?

    There are a lot of new fun players in kindergarten, which is less slide, large slide is an outdoor play equipment that many children like. Children can take action on the slide, slide, rolling, etc. How much is the price of the kindergarten slide, how to choose a slide device?

  • Custom non-standard play equipment must know these things

    Although the level of material living in the stage has increased a lot, but still have a lot of young people feel the pressure of life, this is not existing in the psychological effects, but the overall control of money is actually higher, so more people Start paying attention to how you should make money. Some people will want to do investment projects. The non-standard travel equipment customization project is a lot of investors concerned, because the rapid development of the play industry, you have to make money, you have to have your own characteristics and operational methods. Custom non-standard play equipment must know these things to prevent yourself from touching industry rules.

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