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  • How to do a good amusement facility manufacturer

    As an excellent amusement facility manufacturer, it is not only a certain advantage in production, but also customizes non-standard travel amenities according to the needs of customers, and customs amusement facilities according to the placement plan provided by customers. Factory rides a unique color. Engaged in outdoor theme park, the design, production, construction, construction, construction of the unique excitement from the design, and the patented advantages of amusement equipment, to the production safety one-stop service, is worthy of customers trust. How to do an excellent amusement facility manufacturer, learn from the eight major gold rules, to understand the needs of the customer, master children's entertainment psychology: 1. The designed playground should strengthen its site, the playground is the best 3, playground It should be close to the natural environment. Studies have shown that children have more benefits from getting close to nature. Increase some amusement facilities, such as straw, tree vegetation, signboard logo, rockery, etc.

  • How many links between industry development and equipment safety? Confidentiality

    How many links between industry development and equipment safety? In this industry, the development of the entire industry has always been ideal, and the slide equipment is getting more and more perfect, so that more children will experience rich fun here. Not only that, the equipment is also greatly improved, so that more children can play peace in such equipment. So some people say that the development of the industry is closely connected between the equipment safety.

  • What does the creation of kindergarten environments do? Unknown high quality amusement equipment

    The creation of kindergarten environments, insecure quality amusement equipment, the current kindergarten is very focused on the environment, because this will let the children find a space that is more suitable for them. In addition to seeing green venues, you should also cooperate with some quality amusement equipment. Because this is a place that is very interested in children. If you can make fun of such a scene, you will naturally let the overall environment of the kindergarten is more popular.

  • What are the fluctuation factors of children's outdoor slides?

    What are the fluctuation factors of children's outdoor slides? There are more and more outdoor entertainment products, and its design is more abundant. Many preschool children are particularly fond of this type of product. Is there enough good children's entertainment equipment now? This type of market is getting better and better, and there are more brands of children's slide equipment, which has become a better project for many investors. What are the factors that affect the price fluctuations of children's outdoor slides now?

  • Children's playground indoor combination trampoline equipment Guizhou Anshun case

    The Baineng and Yiyi Youth Fashion Sports Center is located in the Baineng Sports Center on the northwest side of Shanlongting, Beihang Road, Anshun City. The trampoline hall covers an area of ​​195 square meters. The designer creates a novel trampoline pavilion in the British style, which contains a sponge pool (one of the most popular trampoline projects for young people), a boss (using the face-to-face running, easy to complete the inverted), and a slanting squat Face (use the tendency of the face to easily complete the back flip), free face (let us easily off the ground) and so on. Is a comprehensive sports hall for teenagers and children.

  • What outdoor play equipment is more suitable for real estate?

       Real estate wants to successfully attract the interest of buyers, it needs a superior geographical location, high green coverage, and complete supporting equipment. Of course, for some families with children, whether the community has amusement equipment for children to play is also one of the important factors that affect the choice of buyers. So, what are the amusement equipment that are suitable for real estate and are more popular with children?

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