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  • What kind of projects do you invest in the square to make money? Rotating flying fish with a steady stream of wealth!

      The 10 luxury umbrella top flying fish of Mr. Qiyang of Anhui Province started to open on June 8, 2018. The children are very fond of flying fish products. Surrounded by the rotating flying fish, the hope of being able to do a good job on the equipment is a few laps. Hotline: 18057732525 Forest Manager

  • What kind of amusement projects are operated in the park scenic spot to attract tourists?

    Mr. Wang purchased six of our company's luxury lifts in June last year, and the products have been in use for almost a year. However, the product is still the same as the new one, and the device has not had any problems in the middle. Now Mr. Wang has set up his own products in the local tourist attractions, and the business has been very good. Hotline: 18057732525 Forest Manager

  • What project park square is set up to make money - Rotating lift aircraft

    The business of Mr. Qujing Yang of Yunnan is still so hot and repurchased by old customers. According to Mr. Yang’s idea, please ask our masters to make special processing. The appearance is novel and the quality is excellent. Baby likes, mom is assured. Hotline: 15967796969 Forest Manager

  • New way to make money easily in the square - luxury 6-seat small plane

    Ms. Chen of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province purchased a luxury 6-seat electric aircraft at the company on March 26, 2018. Now she has been recovering the cost for one and a half months. Contact: Lin Manager Contact Phone 18057732525

  • Children's Square amusement equipment, with what music can protect the healthy development of children's body and mind?

        Nowadays, many children's toys and children's play facilities are playing music on the screen in order to attract more attention. These music not only attract children's attention, but also bring them a happy mood, which is very popular among children. But some children's toys and rides play a lot of popular songs and online divine songs, and some even use these adult music to replace the children's songs. This kind of adultization is not appropriate. Some of the lyrics are not only uncivilized, but also not conducive to the growth of children. Contact: Lin Manager Tel: 18057732525

  • Community-based children's play equipment square play toys popular with children

    Children's nature is not to stay at home watching TV, but to like to play, some simple props can make them tireless. So, what do children like to play? It is understood that children will be influenced by music, lighting, fun, etc. whenever and wherever these elements give children an ever-changing play experience and help them develop awareness and control in the game. Therefore, in summary, children's play equipment, whether derived or changed, is generally inseparable from electric. Designers who have a lot of care and understanding, application and improvement of these 10 types of amusement equipment can make a good product that is ever-changing and suitable for children's needs. According to our test, like a flying fish, the lift is a favorite amusement device for children.

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