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Children's combination slide

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  • The classic landscape playground case at home and abroad, look at it, don't take it away!

    More and more children's playgrounds introduce the latest rides and the services and concepts of the brand amusement parks, allowing children to experience different life roles while playing, and improve their communication, hands-on and coordination skills. Promote the development of children's brain development and spiritual cultivation. Children's amusement parks are not only a place to provide equipment for children to play, especially for children's playgrounds that integrate play, sports, puzzles and fitness. The operators need to make different according to the characteristics of their children's playground facilities. The marketing plan has been reformed and opened for 30 years. With the rapid development of China's economy, China's theme park industry has also ushered in a booming momentum. The pursuit of personalized theme parks has given a wide market space for non-standard customization. With more and more personalized parks invested, Disney's entry into China is destined to be a pain in the United States!

  • Where is the combination slide assembly map? How to choose a combination slide!

    In the process of playing the slide, the children can feel the stimulation from the height, and the baby's tactile development can be improved. Nowadays, slides can be seen in many places, and many combination slides have already appeared since simple simplification. It meets the needs of the baby's more beautiful and comprehensive needs. The assembly diagram of the slides can be seen in some places on the Internet. For some reference, there are a number of aspects that need to be considered comprehensively when selecting a combination slide.

  • How much does it cost for a wooden combination slide?

    Everyone knows that many of the furniture in life are more woody, and many of the decoration are made of wood, and the benefits of wooden items are well known. Wood products are generally made of natural materials, which have a very natural texture, and the appearance is also very beautiful after processing and transformation, because the wooden items are better to feel when touched, and will not be cooler than glass or stone. It is easy to process, such as painting or engraving. It is very convenient. The most important point is that the materials of wooden objects are safe and non-toxic. Not only can adults and children use it with confidence. Because the price of wood is more expensive. How much is the specific wooden combination slide?

  • What are the components of the combination slide and what are the main types of slides?

    The combination slide is composed of the following accessories, so it is named as a combination slide: door, bridge, slide, top, ladder, handrail, platen, column, slide, climbing pipe, and rope net; kindergarten slides all buckle The parts are connected, the surface does not have any sharp objects protruding, each part has multiple models and multiple color choices; the combination slide is cleverly designed, the color is harmonious, the various components of the plastic are combined, and the children's play equipment brings safety to the children. , joy and lively feelings.

  • Unpowered rides combined slide safety standards common sense - 1

         After 20 years of domestic development in China, the unpowered rides have gradually formed an industry that has begun to take shape. The domestic standards for quality standards or safety requirements for products in this industry have always relied on the most representative European standard. EN1176, the United States ASTM two standards, there is no specific quality standard. Common products of non-powered rides include: combination slides, swings, rocking horses, slides, zip lines, rocking boards, rock climbing, rope nets and other products. Unpowered rides Most products are used by young children and children. Children and children lack awareness of dangers. Practitioners should pay attention to the healthy development of children and prevent potential dangerous outputs.

  • Can wooden play equipment withstand the sun and rain?

        Because of its natural nature, environmental protection, natural and healthy qualities, wooden amusement equipment can bring people and materials, people and nature closer, which is in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people who admire nature. Received the unanimous enthusiasm of people. In the community and parks, wooden play equipment has gradually become the main trend trend. So, can wooden amusement equipment withstand the sun and rain?


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