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Children's naughty castle

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  • Process processing flow and characteristics of children's naughty castle and combined slides

    First, the products produced by the company are standardized production, and they are assembled according to customer needs. These accessories can be roughly divided into the following categories according to the materials and use: 1. Steel structural parts (all fittings of all valves) 2. Thin plate parts (standing platform accessories) 3. Plastic parts (roll plastic parts, injection molding parts, Blow plastic parts, 4. Wooden parts, rope parts 5. Die casting aluminum parts (fittings between fittings and fasteners) 6. Stainless steel standard parts (bolts, screws, gaskets, etc.) Second, process Processing flow and characteristics 1, steel structural steel structural parts are hot-dip galvanized materials, surface zinc layer content is 160K / m, the thickness of the pipe is 2.2mm, effectively prevent the product from arriving in the external corrosion, improve the product Understanding, some products are destroyed in the weld, our products apply zinc-rich anti-corrosion coatings on the surface of the weld before spraying, ensuring that the zinc layer will not lose. We welded parts 90

  • What is the price of a play product suitable for the indoor playground?

    As the operation of the second child also brought the saturation development of the children's play industry, attracting many investors' concern to love. Because the investment threshold of the indoor playground is very low, there is a suitable playground location, enough investment amount and good operating experience. People with certain investment experience know that the play equipment is a critical development of materials in the children's playground, and the price of equipment is also about the amount of investment, and the equipment is used in the later future income. Many investors want to find several products that are more suitable for the development of the indoor playground, while detailed price reports. So, then Chao Xiaobian analyze you!

  • What functions have different naughty castles in different models? Difficult than thinking

    What functions have different naughty castles in different models? Now in many large shopping malls, you can see the naughty castle of various styles. Many children like it very much. In fact, every child likes a play equipment that is different and different style. The following Xiaobian will reveal from the internal structure of the naughty castle, why are it deeply loved by the children. A big feature of naughty castle is to drill holes, in fact, this feature is mainly to exercise your child's physical fitness.

  • What kind of landscape is not attractive?

    "Children" has always been the center of change in the design. The theme of the design world is that there are many children with only one child. Parents give their best to give the best, the most expensive and the best to the children, while the designers will Safety, shape, and sense of space are the main factors in design.

  • Indoor Children's Paradise Beijing skyline indoor competitive trampoline paradise

      The specific location of Skyline is in the North Seven of Changping District, which is run by several partners. Before the boss opened the museum, the sport of trampoline park was quite popular abroad, but the penetration rate in China was too low, and there were only 6-7 in Beijing. The boss is a fan who likes to play extreme sports and is committed to building one of Beijing's largest trampoline sports bases. The overall style of this trampoline park design, every bit by bit is the boss personally involved in planning and design.

  • What are the new non-standard rides for indoor and outdoor large playgrounds?

    Children's playgrounds, faced with the current children's products market, are attracting more and more entrepreneurial investors because of their low risk, controllability, quick results, and rewarding features. However, many people have such questions, how much does it cost to invest in a children's park? What material is the play equipment made of? Today we will talk about the material and basic maintenance of the amusement equipment! Of course, the price of different materials is of course different!

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