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Children's play facilities

These are related to the Children's play facilities news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Children's play facilities and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Children's play facilities market.
  • What qualifications should I have in indoor play equipment?

    Today's indoor children's play equipment have a wide variety. Adults go to children's playground or children's parks, more is to relax, then which quality qualified children's play equipment can make children have fun, affected by parents And what is the child? This article contains the following: 1. Equipment Safety II, equipment can be played, the fee is reasonable 1, equipment security

  • How much does it cost to start a children's playground?

    No matter what store you open, the previous market research is necessary, we need to assess the environmental problems around the site, as well as the consumption ability of the guests, the traffic of the guest, because the selection problem is related to the later business situation. So, to conduct a comprehensive survey, then you can choose the children's paradise equipment that attract children and parents according to the results of the survey, and increase the promotion. The indoor children's play park should also budget children's playground equipment according to your investment venues, equipment, scale, location, manualization, etc.

  • Outdoor children's play facilities different age design principles

    Outdoor children's play facility design is very large, new children's play facilities are very large, currently most parks, playground equipment types comparison single one, new ridene facilities can be used for parks, playgrounds into new vitality, improve parks, playgrounds Popularity. New children's play facilities need to be aware of many aspects when designing the needs of tourists. Age is often the basis for children's outdoor activities, and children are often divided into their small groups due to age. Children in different ages is different, and the game content is also different. Design principles of different ages 1-3 years old: Adults need to be accompanied, need to open and safe event venues, the ground should be soft when designing, and the activity facility should cooperate with limb development activities. 3-5 years old: Parents can maintain a certain distance (requires a parent seating area). Increased children's interaction, increased limbs, alone, and facilities (seesaw). 5

  • Is China like European national play equipment? There is very different

    China and European national play equipment, there are very different China is currently developing countries, which not only includes GDP, but also science and technology. Especially in some aspects, it is far from Europe and the United States, which includes no powerful amusement facilities, with great differences from European and American countries. Xiaobian briefly introduces it, I hope to deepen everyone's understanding.

  • Want to make your child exercise? Amusement equipment should choose this

    Want to let your child exercise physical fitness, how should the play equipment choose? With the gradual popularization of quality education in my country, many parents' education concepts have also undergone great changes, of which children's physical fitness has become one of you. Whether it is a school or parents, I hope that the child can have a A good body, so you can complete the future studies, and as a good helper for physical training, which features of the play equipment, let's talk about this problem with everyone.

  • What is the choice of kindergarten amusement equipment? Directly affecting the good and bad enrollment

    The choice of kindergarten play equipment directly affects the quality of enrollment. Nowadays, many parents are increasing in advance. The kindergarten has become a must, and many times the parents will consider a lot when they choose kindergarten. Whether it is a teaching level or a school environment, it is the factors referred to when they choose. But the process of testing the child does not like a big part.

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