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Children's playground

If you want to know more about the Children's playground, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Children's playground industry. More news about Children's playground, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Children's playground information!
  • Is the fantastic Sky City Children's Park fun?

    The dream of scientists may be the foothold of every child's fantasy in childhood. Exploring the secrets of the stars is also a fascinating dream that children can open at the foot of the night and make a fun and interesting dream between the morning and the night. Hayao Miyazaki’s Sky City allows children’s dreams to spread in the sky and fly freely in the sky. Especially in the moonlight, the bright night sky, no child is not pregnant with beautiful thoughts. With curiosity. However, the children living in the city are bound by the rules and regulations, and the meaning of the exploration of the unknown world in the small head is urgently needed to be ignited. We hope that the children will not be restrained here, let go of the indulgence of the brain and direct the call to Captain Tom's Starlight. The white dreams will lead a rainbow, and the gleaming stars are the entrance to the park. The strip-shaped lamp strips out the stars' smashing, and the orderly doors that resemble time and space. Come here, whether it is an adult or a child

  • What should parents and operators pay attention to when playing in the playground?

         I often see news that news children are injured when playing in the playground. As a senior practitioner engaged in the design and manufacture of amusement equipment, he is also a small editor of the father. Today, I will follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to see the downstream music. What details need to be paid attention to in the operation and play of the field and amusement equipment. The first is the operator. The plan to open the playground should first have a high sense of security responsibility and reject the inferior products on the market. As the saying goes, a price is worth the price. The product with too low price is not guaranteed in quality. Think about it again. How to ensure security. There are often guests to consult Xiaobian, the first sentence is just to ask how much the price of your home products? As a professional technical consultant like me, I refuse to serve the customers who pay attention to the price first. I only agree that the operator who puts the safety of the children first should first determine what project they want to operate according to the competition of the market. Put safety first in strength

  • What kind of children's play projects are invested to make money?

    Although children's play is still a developing new industry, with the increase of life pressure, the improvement of quality of life and the deepening of parenting topics, the future will be a very valuable and influential industry. The current social situation is: parents are busy with work, parents are far away from home, and children are left unattended. Kindergarten custody and playground hosting are concerned by parents. Nowadays, there are many children's playgrounds in the community. Parents keep their children in the playground. They are very at ease and close to home, avoiding the trouble of picking up and dropping off. Parents can work with confidence and create personal value while contributing to society. Nowadays, children's playgrounds are equipped with a variety of educational children's play equipment. Children often play in them, exercise responsiveness, thinking ability, hands-on ability, and improve their intelligence and learning ability. Children who have been so edified will be more intelligent and will make more contributions to society when they grow up. Children's play equipment pull

  • The perfect combination of children's cinema and playground

    Although many people have complained about the noisy bear children in the cinema, few people have thought about it. In fact, this group of bear children who can't sit still can create business opportunities. The cinema line of the Indonesian consortium Lippo Group is the fastest-reacting. In Tangerang, Indonesia, they created the first new children's cinema in Asia for children aged 3 to 10. According to the Jakarta Post, some parents expressed their satisfaction with the theater. In the past, they took their children out to watch movies. In order not to affect other audiences, much of their energy was spent on “controlling” children who could be noisy at any time. At the end of the day, the whole family could not really relax and enjoy the process of watching movies. However, in this new theater, they no longer need to worry about this problem, on the one hand, because the surrounding audience is basically a combination of children and parents. On the other hand, if the children really look at them, they don’t have to sit honestly, but they can be happy. Go to the various entertainment facilities in the cinema. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18857703651

  • What are the factors in the design of outdoor children's playgrounds that need attention?

    How to design an outdoor children's playground that is loved by children? Let's let Xiaobian introduce you to the planning and design of the outdoor playground site. First, color matching Children's perception of color is relatively simple, they rarely pay attention to the multi-level gray tone in life. In their eyes, red is red, green is green, and red is not divided into cold red and warm red. In terms of expression, they will also greatly exaggerate the degree of their color, such as; the sun will use red or vermilion to express, and the blue water, they can use pure lake blue to express. Children tend to like more colorful gaming facilities, however, this is not a universal law. It's not that it's good to design the game field as colorful. The scientific color concept is about with visual effects. Children's facilities are brightly colored, but don't be too fancy, which can cause visual fatigue.


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