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Colorful slide example

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  • Chongqing Colorful Slide: How to build a slide in a rugged zone

    Chongqing Color Slide: How to build a slide in the rugged zone belong to the mountainous area, and the terrain is highly ups and theoretically, it is not an ideal place to build a colorful slide. However, the construction technology of the colorful slide is also continuously improved, and the colorful slide of Chongqing has many successful examples, bringing more choices for tourists here. Building a colorful slide in the mountainous area requires more technical support, ensuring that the slide can be operated safely and entertain the function. The traditional colorful slide is all flat slides, but this is only suitable for the gentle hillside, which can use S-shaped slides for the colorful slide of Chongqing. On the one hand, it can make the slide to adapt to the terrain of the mountain, on the other hand, which can increase the length of the slope, so that visitors are more secure. The general ramp selects the regular shape splicing, such as with a snowflakes stitching up colorful slide.

  • How much is the colorful slide of the sunshine flower fairy: How to control the cost of investment colorful slide

    How much is the colorful slide of the sunshine flower fairy: How to control the cost of the investment colorful slide, the colorful slide is a very successful project, and the simulated flower fairy colorful slide provides tourists with a theme park slide. Project, so the entire project is more fun. How much is the colorful slide of the sunshine flower fairy? Friends who want to invest in colorful slides can refer to the business investment in this project and then make a reasonable plan for their own investment. How much is the colorful slide of the sunshine flower? Basic investment is the cost of the equipment and the cost of the equipment itself, which can be solved by cooperation with the manufacturers, which can save a lot of costs. Many manufacturers directly meet the customer free installation, and their designers can customize development according to customer requirements.

  • How much is the colorful slide of Qiandao Lake: super cost-effective exquisite slide

    How much is the colorful slide of Qiandao Lake: The super cost-effective exquisite slide color slide can not only be used as an entertainment device, but can be used as a decoration inside the scenic spot. For example, in Qiandao Lake, here is more islands, you can hold a colorful slide along the mountain road. Use slide rich colors to achieve a good decorative effect, while visitors can also slide down from the slide, very interesting movement. How much is the colorful slide of Qiandao Lake? In fact, the cost-effective price of colorful slides is very high, and the effect is very good. For people who want to invest in colorful slides, they can calculate their investment amount by understanding the colorful slide of Qiandao Lake, which is easy to control the cost. The equipment investment of the colorful slide should look at the specific terrain situation. For example, the mountain road here is rugged, and the terrain is unworthy, naturally, it is necessary to invest in the cost of equipment.

  • How much is the colorful slide investment: Let's take a look at the cost?

    How much is the colorful slide investment: Let's take a look at the cost of which color slide investment? It is a matter of many people who are asking, because this project is very popular recently, the business effect is very good, especially in holidays, you can attract a lot of tourists. Some people come together, and there is a tourist of parent-child tour. It is very lively. So how much is the business of colorful slide? The operation of this project mainly has the following costs, and a project is overall, about 100,000 to 200,000. The first aspect is the equipment cost, manufacturers provide equipment and installation and after-sales service, this part of the fee is between 80,000 to 150,000, and the cost is different depending on the type of equipment selected. How much is the colorful slide investment?

  • The colorful slide is the pastoral complex

    The multicolored slide is a large-scale amusement project, which can achieve an integral of the theme parks such as the theme park in the city suburbs, and can achieve the effect of the idyllic amusement complex. The project of idyllic amusement has been uncommon, but the form of farmhouse has been in the form of a farmhouse, and some play equipment is missing. The joining of the slide project can enrich the idyllic experience, allowing the surrounding landscapes to be more diverse. The multicolored slide is a popular amusement project in recent years. It has broken the time and space conditions for ice and snow, and people can experience the fun of skiing through this project. Play on this slide in the South or in other seasons. Setting such a device in the city's suburbs is a very good investment project, the space of the city's suburbs is large, can meet the venue requirements of the shelf slide. A large range of spatial ranges needed in a hundred-meter slide, and there is a certain requirement for terrain conditions.

  • How much is the colorful slide of Baili: How to properly control the cost

    How much is a hundred miles? How to properly control the cost in the ridiculous mountain is a good project, which can use the surrounding cheap land resources to operate entertainment, and can also increase the scenery here. Colorful slides colorful, comparable to colored artificial turf, can play the effect of beautify the environment. How much is the colorful slide? The main cost of operation is concentrated on various costs, and the cost of controlling the following aspects is the key. First of all, how much is the lottery slide? Need to organize the wilderness slope, remove weeds and stones, and then flat land, if there is a collapsed place, it is necessary to fill in the place, in summary, in summary, you need to put a certain amount of energy. In addition, it is to see the angle of the hillside, if there is too steep place, do certain processing.

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