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Colorful slide processing

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  • Wuhan seven-color dry slide, such as a high-quality amusement project

    Wuhan Qiqi Dry slide, such as a high-quality amusement project, the dry snow slide project is an amusement project similar to a ski experience in a natural snowfield. Since the network is popular in the network, it has become a place to play a card. Wuhan Seven Color Drave Tao is one of the representatives, and many tourists around the surroundings will experience the fun of the slide, everyone's evaluation is very good. So how do it make a high-quality amusement project? With high quality equipment, hardware conditions are made. The dry snow slide equipment should be able to adapt to the conditions of the outdoor, and there is no freeze-crack in winter, and there is no deformation in the summer. The material of the dry snow slide should be durable, the anti-wear resistance is good, especially when the tourists are concentrated, they can withstand high intensity. Wuhan Qixiang Dry slide chose the slide equipment produced by professional manufacturers, and the quality is guaranteed. Good equipment is the basis for visiting visitors. If the equipment has always been issued, the experience of tourists will be greatly reduced.

  • How much is investor how to calculate?

    How much investors calculate how much money in Baili color slides is a good direction, the key is to choose a good project to achieve the best investment income effect. How much investors are considering this problem, because seeing the online items in this project very much, then how much does the number of tourists do? First, consider the cost of purchasing equipment, this is the largest investment throughout the project. How much is the hundred miles? You can compare the quotation of different manufacturers, there are many manufacturers who have a colorful slide, and their charging standards are different. The cost of a set of equipment for the color slide should look at the scale and equipped things. For example, a large slide equipment cost is 20,000 yuan. If it is a small device, there may be 100,000 yuan.

  • What are the secrets of successful operations in Colorful slide in Huixian?

    What are the secrets of Huixian's colorful slide successfully operated in a small county attached to the big city in cultural tourism, but the colorful slide project is an exception. You can operate in the county's city, people who are also attractive to people around the city. Huixian colorful slide is a project that has been successfully operated in the county. It takes the colorful slide net red boom. It is a set of such equipment in a cheap, it attracts countless tourists, and the operation is very good. Seeing the market opportunity to put it immediately and do not give the opponent. One of the main reasons why Hui County's colorful slide business effect is that there is no similar rides around, which forms a uniqueness, so you can attract a lot of tourists. I tried to have the same equipment around, so many tourists will be divided, and the population of the county is limited, and the development of the colorful slide project cannot be supported.

  • How to operate the colorful slide tourism project

    How to operate the colorful slide tourism project is a very popular amusement project. It is an outdoor activity that allows everyone to get close to nature. At the same time, there is still a good interest, it is good to enhance family and friends. Activity. Colorful slide tourism projects have also gradually increased, as a tourism project, how should the colorful slide to operate? How can I achieve a good profit? Highlight the subject characteristics, can be combined with the park and scenic spots. We can see colorful slide projects in many scenic spots. In fact, this is a very mature project. As a colorful slide tourism project and the scenic spot, it can effectively guarantee the passenger traffic, improve business revenue. In the scenic spot, it can be used as a way to go to the mountain. It can be used as a tourist project. The number of tourists can be purchased. You can also form a ticket with the scenic spot. It is a good choice.

  • What questions should be paid attention to in Changchun North Lake?

    The colorful slide of Changchun North Lake should pay attention to what is the colorful slide in the north, the north, although there is a natural snow field in the north, but the price is relatively high. The colorful slide has the same experience, but the price is very close. The places where the colorful slide erection is very flexible, not only limited to the natural inclination of hillside. Changchun North Lake color slide is a slide in the lake, Changchun's winter is very cold. If you come to experience the colorful slide in winter, you should pay attention to some of the following questions. When you experience the slide, you should protect yourself and prevent danger. The colorful slide is made of PP material, which can withstand a low temperature environment, generally do not crack. However, the material will become more hard and protect it during the decline. Use a snow ring as required, do not have too much actions in the process of decline.

  • Forest oxygen bar colorful slide: not only healthy and health

    Forest oxygen bar color slide: the effect of both fitness and colorful slide projects have ski sports, many people like this project is because it has the effect of fitness. At the same time, you can have a fitness effect while experiencing the play, the value of this project is very high. The content of the colorful slide project is now getting rich, and the colorful slide of the forest oxygen is a extension of the colorful slide, bringing us a novel play experience. The colorful slides set in the forest oxygen bar can make everyone reach the effect of fitness, but also oxygen, so that the body is great, no wonder this project is so popular! Doing the forest oxygen bar itself has a good selling point, because there is more negative oxygen ions in the forest, in which it has a good health effect. The forest oxygen bar colorful slide not only combines the advantages of traditional oxygen bar, but also joins the characteristics of the colorful slide, so that this project is more rich.

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