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How much is the 3 meter stainless steel slide?

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  • How much is the 3 meter stainless steel slide? How can I invest to make a profit?

    The slide has always been a favorite amusement device for children. He can also be a good amusement equipment. In fact, whether it is in some large amusement parks, parks or communities, or even some tourist attractions, Seeing the figure of the slide is really a good investment product for some investors. How much is the 3 meter stainless steel slide from the overall product? And how to invest in order to obtain effective earnings income, these will give you a detailed introduction. Nowadays, some large amusement parks have already started the trend of sliding slides. Many net red products have also extended from the slides. Whether it is some children or adults, it will naturally feel like seeing such sliding slide products. Very happy, then playing in such a cool way is not only a speed, but also the passion of the slide. Then how to invest

  • What is the cost and market prospect of stainless steel hillside slides?

    Today's slides come in a variety of styles and functions, and children can experience different slides. Of course, we also have many stainless steel hillside slides. There may be many people who have not heard of this type of slide, but the current expectations on the market are also very high. The highlight of the course is its material, and the advantage is that the assembly in the later stage is very convenient.

  • Shenyang Xuhui pine cone combination stainless steel slide case

    The Songguo Slide Project is located in the south of Guangchang Road, Youth Street, Heping District, Shenyang City. The slide is designed with pine cones as the prototype. The three slides are connected by crawling nets to enhance physical training while playing. . The pine cones are connected by a crawler, and the span is large, which tests the quality of the product. And this is the most important thing for our company. Everything is based on safety. The materials chosen are the best! Ingenuity quality, the pursuit of each process, argon arc welding, to ensure that the welding is firm, 18 polished wire drawing, leaving no trace of welding. The product uses Brazilian rosewood as the hard shell that has been sent, and the color is consistent with the pine cone. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

  • If you move the amusement park home, what kind of experience is it?

    Let all the joys go downstairs. How many people are envied? You don’t have to go to Shanghai to go to Hong Kong. You can build your own playground at home. Contact: Lin Manager Tel: 18057732525


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