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Indoor children's playground

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  • Where is the indoor children's playground?

    The indoor children's playground is very popular. You can see the indoor children's paradise in many large shopping centers. What are the other places suitable for opening an indoor children's playground? Youyou Gu Paradise introduces you, there is a children's amusement park. place. 1. Integrated shopping centers, such shopping centers are generally classified, diet, games, shopping and other forms, so this kind of shopping center is generally prosperous, and there is a separate floor is a children's special area, which is an indoor children's play. The preferred place for the field. 2, large business super, this universal popular way is very popular, but staying in staying, you need enough rent to prepare enough rent for the quality options in the indoor children's playground. 3, rental mall, this kind of mall is generally only too high, and once the investment success will be very popular. For those who care about the cost, you can choose this place.

  • What are the indoor children's play?

    The development of the children's paradise industry is getting more and more growing, and the children's live play projects in the market are also visible. Some entrepreneurs see the children's indoor play projects so hot, worried that the market is already saturated. In fact, the history of children's paradise in my country has not been around for nearly ten years, and the development is very rapid, but it is still not fully satisfied with market demand, and there are still many blank markets waiting to be developed, and you need to discover a lot of popular children's indoors. Amusement facilities. What is a children's indoor play project, a lot of children's indoor amusement projects, and more popular is the main naughty castle, indoor sports expansion, electric electric play. I. Naughty Naughty Fort, known as the Children's Castle, Naughty Fort Children's Paradise is designed according to children's characteristics, through the scientific stereo combination, the next generation of children's activities integrating the next generation of children's activities. It can be said that it is a new, comprehensive children's paradise, is to like children.

  • Interior children's playground development prospects

    In recent years, the indoor children's playground market has been very popular and welcomed by the market. The indoor children's playground has become a priority place for children's recreation. All local children's playgrounds are very popular every day, attracting a lot of investment entrepreneurs. Do they want to know the development prospects of the indoor children's playground? This article contains the following: 1, no longer pure play traditional paradise 2, parental education concept transition 3 Most of the products have broken the pure amusement concept. More Not only let the children have fun, but also let the children work out more skills in the process of playing, learn more knowledge, which is one of the important reasons for parents to take children to go to the indoor children's playground. two

  • Non-standard landscape amusement creative stainless steel slide

    The purpose of buying a stainless steel slide is to play for the child. If the design is unreasonable, it is easy to present the child's injury. Therefore, when the parents or the head of the garden are looking at it, they must consider whether they can match the standard of the child's climbing and playing. Whether the materials can be of high quality, etc., a reasonable design can not only stimulate children's interest and hunger, but also effectively prevent accidents. Two: arousing interest to cultivate courage Stainless steel slides can bring victory and joy to children. In the process, they can also stimulate children's hunts, let children dare to explore, cultivate the talents and self-confidence to deal with problems independently in the future, and stimulate children's knowledge. want. And the stainless steel slides need to go down from a height, so that children can exercise their courage and perseverance while feeling the victory. Three: communication and socialization In the process of playing the stainless steel slide, happy children are inevitably assisted and communicated, so that they can better blend together and

  • Shanghai Grandfather's self-made escape stainless steel slide won the national patent

    I believe that everyone has played slides when they were young. Many children like to slide down the slides. This is also a must for many playgrounds. Now it is used by many water parks in the swimming pool. But have you seen a slide that can help you escape? A 70-year-old man in Shanghai built a self-help slide in the residential building to help high-rise residents escape quickly in unexpected situations. High-rise escape is a recognized employment problem in the world. In Shanghai, Zhou Miaorong, who lives in a high-rise, is also worried about this problem. He has been thinking about how to solve this problem. In the end, he spent two years and finally invented a high-rise rapid escape slide system. This escape system is mainly composed of multiple slides. The slides are mainly composed of straight and curved roads made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The width is about 50 cm. On each landing platform, the slides and slides are mainly linked by curves. The whole system is installed in the fire corridor. Did not make it in peacetime

  • Children's playground indoor combination trampoline equipment Guizhou Anshun case

    The Baineng and Yiyi Youth Fashion Sports Center is located in the Baineng Sports Center on the northwest side of Shanlongting, Beihang Road, Anshun City. The trampoline hall covers an area of ​​195 square meters. The designer creates a novel trampoline pavilion in the British style, which contains a sponge pool (one of the most popular trampoline projects for young people), a boss (using the face-to-face running, easy to complete the inverted), and a slanting squat Face (use the tendency of the face to easily complete the back flip), free face (let us easily off the ground) and so on. Is a comprehensive sports hall for teenagers and children.

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