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  • How to create the indoor amusement space like children? The environment is very important

    How to build the indoor space like children, the environment is very important, the kindergarten is very focused on the creation of indoor space, in addition to the arrangement of space, it will be very interested in indoor decoration. For example, the color of the interior decoration will be overall, and warm tones are usually used. This makes it more able to make children feel happy, and there is a more comfortable feel.

  • What kind of tricks do you have to run indoor children's parks?

    Nowadays, the amusement equipment of the indoor children's park is changing with each passing day. What are the details of the children's amusement equipment that need to be paid attention to by the operators when they operate?

  • If you move the amusement park home, what kind of experience is it?

    Let all the joys go downstairs. How many people are envied? You don’t have to go to Shanghai to go to Hong Kong. You can build your own playground at home. Contact: Lin Manager Tel: 18057732525

  • How do kindergartens become the ideal dreamland for children?

    The Zizhu Kindergarten affiliated to Shanghai East China Normal University has turned the kindergarten into a playground, which is very popular among children. In the space design, the kindergarten has become an unrestricted play area, outdoor, hall, wind and rain corridor, aisle, playground, classroom... where are the children's playground! The main amusement equipment includes outdoor large-scale amusement equipment, outdoor climbing nets, combination slides, climbing walls, drill nets and other amusement equipment. The ordinary kindergarten is built into a dream paradise for children. Contact: Lin Manager Tel: 18057732525

  • What kind of topic effect can a giant slide bring to the local area?

    At noon on February 13th, the child saw a news: "The Shanghai shopping mall was shocked by a giant slide, sliding from the top floor of the 5th floor to the bottom floor." I immediately thought that this mall was going to be a fire. In the afternoon, I made a special trip to the mall to take a look at the scene. The slides have not been opened to the public, but many consumers took pictures at the scene and showed strong interest.

  • Indoor playground investment 预计 Estimated 100,000 annual return?

    Manager Liu of the relevant project of a shopping mall analyzed that at present, indoor playgrounds have become the standard of large shopping malls, and Xiaoshangchao has launched a small naughty castle playground as long as the location and area permit. Because merchants have long realized that children's money is the best to earn, not only to make money, but also to attract parents to stimulate the consumption of catering and other retail goods, the market potential is huge. Don't worry about weekends, no weekends. The amusement project is “free”. The top floor of a large shopping mall is an indoor playground. One is not the weekend and close to noon, there are more than 60 rides here. Zhang, who just started studying in the third day, and three other students, each spent 15 yuan playing the flying chair, only three minutes from takeoff to landing. Another small rotating amusement project can aim at the small animals in the center with a water gun, and many preschool children have a good time. For 16-seat projects, only a few sporadic items are empty. one of

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