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Kindergarten amusement equipment

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  • What outdoor amusement equipment needs to be equipped with kindergarten?

    The indoor environment of establishing kindergarten is very important. The same outdoor environment is also very important. Modern education should not be just classroom learning, cultivate excellent juvenile, morality, intelligence, body, beauty, labor, and outdoor large toys are also very good. important. So what are the play equipment that kindergarten needs? This article contains the following: The characteristics of slipping are designed, and the color matching is also a preferences that meet children. Second, the climbing net for children, kindergarten needs to be equipped with a rope network, and the children have adventurous spirit. This rope network climbs high and low fluctuations, just suitable for adventures, driving the child's sports. The rope net climb is like the feeling of the superhero flying into the wall, brought a small hero for the child. this

  • Amusement equipment that kindergartens should be equipped includes these non-powered equipment

    What is the outdoor large play equipment in kindergarten? Kindergarten's large outdoor play equipment mainly includes several children's slides, climbers, drill caves, swing, rocking horses, trampolines, etc., the material of the wooden slide is imported anti-corrosion wood, domestic logs, etc., I believe many people know these Traditional children's play equipment. Typical plastic slides often have a lower budget, and the accessories are integrally formed by plastic particles in the mold, and the colorful plastic slides sometimes unexpected effect, but to note that the plastic slide has a size in the overall specification, if You budget is not enough, you can buy a mini-type plastic slide, but practicality may be slightly somewhat, will let the big class children don't like to play several times. The other is a wooden slide, like a plastic slide, relatively, the safety of the slide is undoubtedly the most guaranteed, although the parents have been produced in this year, parents have

  • How do outdoor children's play equipment be regularly tested?

    Children's play equipment is quite popular for children. Every weekend and on holidays, the place they want to go to is sure to be filled with a variety of amusement equipment. By using these devices, children can find excitement, fun and freshness. However, after the long-term use process, the equipment also needs to be periodically tested and tested, otherwise there will be many problems in subsequent use. There are many benefits to having regular testing of children's play equipment. The first aspect is to be able to find the security risks that exist. We all know that any type of equipment will eliminate any potential safety hazards before it is officially used. However, after using it, security risks cannot be completely avoided. Any persistent action, any long-term behavior, can cause some minor problems in the device. If inspection and maintenance are not carried out in time, small problems will become big problems, and security risks will follow. Therefore, whether it is regular maintenance or from scratch

  • How to design children's play facilities to attract more tourists?

    A beautiful environment and an activity-rich venue can help your child release himself. Children's expansion equipment can have crawling, high slopes, beaches, stainless steel slides, naughty castles and other rides. But, want to make your children more brave, cheerful, and adventurous? What kind of children's rides will be welcomed? Looking at these children of different ages, tailoring the creativity and personalized design of children may be instructive. Today, many families have only one child. Parents do their utmost to provide the best for their children, and designers of children's extended devices should consider safety and shape and space as the main factors in their design. Love nature, love life, this is the pure happiness and carefree childhood that designers want to bring to every child. This is the life that every designer pursues. In order to design an attractive and satisfying interest for the children, the designer created an organic structure to meet more game features. Children can

  • Shanxi Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten Project Case

    Opal Kindergarten is a preschool brand under the Australian Hills Education Group. The national distribution is Shanghai Shantou, Chengdu, Taiyuan. At present, Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten in Shanxi has two parks, namely Aobao Bindong Park and Aobao Juntai Park. In 2017, Letu Amusement Outdoor Brand NUUTOO participated in the overall design, production and installation of the Aubao Juntai Campus Environmental Recreation Area. The picture above is a bird's-eye view of the playground of Juntai Park. There is a school building in the kindergarten. The lower left corner of the photo is the main entrance of the school. There are two access control gates. When the parents pick up the park, they will swipe the card to pick up the baby. Since its inception, Letu has been committed to the integrated output of non-standard personalized amusement equipment. In 2017, it accepted the invitation from Li Bao, the person in charge of Orbo, to participate in the planning and design of the Orbo 900 square-meter outdoor amusement non-standard program. Responsible and independent thought-provoking people, who originally put forward a lot of their own ideas and requirements, especially loved Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

  • Hefei Zhonghaicheng Project Case

    In September 2017, Feidong FD17-2 and FD17-3 were named Zhonghaicheng. As a well-known high-end residential expert in the industry, the project that Zhonghai entered for the first time in Feidong will be positioned as a high-end improvement. Zhonghai City is adjacent to the public road in the west and is separated by Chihe Road. In today's fierce real estate competition, China Shipping is paying more and more attention to every experience of customers. From the sales department, it is known to be the future of the stay. As the preferred amusement equipment supplier of China Shipping, Leto has been committed to participating in the construction of residential quality in China Shipping. . In order to fully display the life of Zhonghaicheng Wonderland, Zhonghai's designers pay more attention not only to the functions of children's play, but also to the future of the model. The majority of the rides are as rich as possible. Color, and the new design takes care of both ideas. The main structure of the rich colors is consistent with the other elements of the China Shipping brand, while the two colored gradient lines on it. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

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