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Large combination slide

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  • Large combination slide characteristics

    Large combination slides, with its own advantages, becoming popular equipment, almost every child likes to play slides. Due to the advancement of the times, foreign excellent cartoons introduced China, the slides are no longer monotonous, and the slides of various themes have appeared, with the arrival of the trend. Children are more curious about fresh things. First, large combination slides are very suitable for lively. Such as parks, communities, supermarkets, restaurants, kindergartens and other children's playgrounds. Amusement facilities are safe and durable, design and clever, color coordination. Designed for children's love, jump, drill, etc., color, high entertainment, high safety, and reliable quality. Large-scale amusement facilities typically include door, bridge, casing, ladder, ladder, tube, tube, rope net slide, is connected to a fastener, and the surface has no sharp objects, and each component can choose a variety of models and Many colors can also be humanized, produce according to customer needs

  • What is the characteristic of large combination slides?

    Large combination slides are more popular than small slides in kindergartens and communities. Because large combination slides have more play options, in addition to the slide, there are holes, climbing, swing, etc., for children, so children prefer large combination slides. So what is the characteristic of large combination slides? 1. The function of large combination slides, unlike some small slides, only a slide project, you need to wait in line with more children. If you are a large combination slide, you can play other items first, so you can let your child get exercise while waiting for another child to play with a good slide. 2, large combination slides are connected by fasteners, no sharp objects of surface, bright color, not easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, high-strength, anti-aging, anti-crack, structural security and durability, and safer . In addition, large combination slides generally perform personalized design according to the age level of most children.

  • Large combination amusement slide

    Now the slide project has developed rapidly, launched the concept of combined slide. I really make many children feel happy. Because many of the single games they like can be presented together by a combination. So now manufacturers of children's slide projects, generally choose large combination slides. On the other hand, because this combination slide is rich, there are many people who have adapted, it is indeed easier to open up the market. This article contains the following: 1, why do everyone choose such a slide? 2, large combination slides take care of indoors and outdoor 3, combined slide accommodation high, why do everyone choose such slides? Large combination slides are a system of amusement space, where you can not only experience a good slide, you can experience other gameplay such as rock climbing. As long as you think of some children's games, you can join the entire amusement system by combining. This kind of child can enjoy the continuous fun, because

  • How to get high value when buying outdoor children's play equipment?

    my country's economic level improvement has driven a fast-reading development in most industries in China. Under the background of the development of the large environment, the outdoor children's play industry has a significant market recognition. Outdoor playground equipment has been attached importance to investors, children, parents, and government departments. The establishment of children's playgrounds is also a more complex process, especially for the purchase of amusement equipment.

  • How to choose a large combination slide in kindergarten?

    Kindergarten is the second development point of children's education, and children grow knowledge and communication through novelty game devices in kindergarten. To talk about the most popular game equipment in kindergarten, it is a large combination slide. In order to create a better growth environment for children, the choice of large combination slides should pay special attention to details. So, how to choose a large combination of kindergarten? Therefore, here will briefly introduce several methods for selecting exquisite large combination slides.

  • Is China like European national play equipment? There is very different

    China and European national play equipment, there are very different China is currently developing countries, which not only includes GDP, but also science and technology. Especially in some aspects, it is far from Europe and the United States, which includes no powerful amusement facilities, with great differences from European and American countries. Xiaobian briefly introduces it, I hope to deepen everyone's understanding.

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