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  • Which quality is good for stainless steel slide manufacturers?

    Which of the many stainless steel slide manufacturers are more reliable in manufacturing? The following will bring you several important conditions for screening.

  • What is the advantage of such a high price for stainless steel slides?

    With the development of the amusement industry, the quality assurance of amusement equipment products has attracted more and more attention. Quality, popularity, and structural functions are also places where manufacturers' needs are highly valued. The stainless steel slide is a relatively new type of amusement equipment. Compared with the traditional plastic material slides, such as rotational molding, mold production, slide size and shape, stainless steel slides not only have good weather resistance, but also have a long service life. In use, the stainless steel slide is more environmentally friendly and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, smoothness and smoothness compared to the general material. The style, shape and length of the stainless steel slide can be tailored to the requirements of the customer. It is a highlight of the installation and commissioning of various venues.

  • What are the non-standard rides in Le Tu?

    Wenzhou Letu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the modern enterprise of R&D, manufacturing, production and sales of amusement equipment. Leto owns three series of non-standard amusement products, namely leisure amusement equipment series, indoor amusement equipment series and electric amusement equipment series. Leto's non-standard amusement products are complete, covering all aspects of non-standard amusement products. With its high performance, excellent product performance, reliable after-sales guarantee and reasonable price, it is among the many non-standard amusement products. stand out. Letu always takes "integrity-based, customer first" as its service tenet, and establishes high-quality products and high-quality service image among customers.

  • Where is the stainless steel slide mainly used?

    As a kind of new children's entertainment project integrating entertainment, sports, education and fitness, indoor and outdoor slides are widely welcomed by children. The slide is a kind of equipment for children's sports activities. Whether it is in a large outdoor playground, shopping malls, parks, communities, scenic spots, the slides are indispensable, which not only plays the role of decoration, but also enriches the lives of the surrounding children.

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