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  • What problems currently exist at the development of children's playgrounds? requires attention

    What problems currently exist at the development of children's playgrounds? In recent years, with the continuous accelement of urbanization process, as well as the economic level of our people, many parents have become more diversified for children, especially because many families are a child, so children's consumption It has gradually accounted for a very important proportion in the family, while children's development education is also inseparable from the promotion of the amusement park.

  • What are the characteristics of plastic slide? These are advantages

    What are the characteristics of plastic slide, these are advantageous slippets have always been a fitness equipment that is very liked by children, which allows them to get enough fun here, and can help them have a happy childhood. However, the current equipment has been upgraded and improved, especially the appearance of the plastic slide, and changed the user's view to this device. Since it is an improvement product, then there will be more features compared to past.

  • Plastic slide is characterized? Not just design

    The plastic slide is characterized, not just the design of the current skid ladder equipment is more popular, in addition to bringing the entertainment experience, let them feel the fun of fitness, very helpful for the growth of children. . Such devices are ideal for this era to meet the needs of parents to require children to fully develop. So this kind of device can be so popular and began to appear in more children's paradise or other scenes.

  • What is the non-standard play equipment like Guan Central Park Children's Park?

    Gu'an Central Park is located in the new district of Gu'an. Daguang Expressway Gu'an A Exit, the east side is Yucai North Road, the west side is Yingbin Avenue, the south is the Jinxiu Avenue, the north side is the park. It covers an area of ​​approximately 205,000 square meters and is a city-level integrated park. Through the form of jogging and landscape trails, form a park vibrant ring line, divided into a variety of different motion methods such as cultural run, bunk run, sun run, flower running, and combined with multiple experiences Children's activities and sports venues, build an entertaining and happy vitality loop. In the design of the play equipment, the techniques that are combined with the environment are no longer lonely amusement island, and there are entertaining items everywhere.

  • Is the fantastic Sky City Children's Park fun?

    The dream of scientists may be the foothold of every child's fantasy in childhood. Exploring the secrets of the stars is also a fascinating dream that children can open at the foot of the night and make a fun and interesting dream between the morning and the night. Hayao Miyazaki’s Sky City allows children’s dreams to spread in the sky and fly freely in the sky. Especially in the moonlight, the bright night sky, no child is not pregnant with beautiful thoughts. With curiosity. However, the children living in the city are bound by the rules and regulations, and the meaning of the exploration of the unknown world in the small head is urgently needed to be ignited. We hope that the children will not be restrained here, let go of the indulgence of the brain and direct the call to Captain Tom's Starlight. The white dreams will lead a rainbow, and the gleaming stars are the entrance to the park. The strip-shaped lamp strips out the stars' smashing, and the orderly doors that resemble time and space. Come here, whether it is an adult or a child

  • Which outdoor play equipment is especially popular with children?

    The personalized landscape amusement equipment has a variety of styles and novel styles. It is very suitable as a local landmark, and it is often attracted to the equipment at a glance. It has great entertainment and appreciation, and is a paradise for children's dreams.

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