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  • Where can non-standard amusement equipment such as Gu'an Central Park Children's Park be produced?

    Gu'an Central Park is located in the northern New District of Gu'an, the exit of Gu'an A of Daguang Expressway, Yucai North Road on the east, Yingbin Avenue on the west, Jinxiu Avenue on the south and Park Road on the north. Covering an area of ​​about 205,000 square meters, it is a city-level comprehensive park. Through the combination of the slow runway and the landscape trail, the park's vitality loop is formed. According to the changes of the surrounding venues, it can be divided into various sports modes such as cultural running, tree-line running, sunshine running, and flower field running, and combined with the multiple experience of the ring jogging line setting. Children's activities and sports venues create an entertaining and entertaining ring. In the design of amusement equipment, the combination of the environment and the environment is no longer a lonely amusement island. There are all kinds of educational and entertaining projects everywhere.

  • Is the fantastic Sky City Children's Park fun?

    The dream of scientists may be the foothold of every child's fantasy in childhood. Exploring the secrets of the stars is also a fascinating dream that children can open at the foot of the night and make a fun and interesting dream between the morning and the night. Hayao Miyazaki’s Sky City allows children’s dreams to spread in the sky and fly freely in the sky. Especially in the moonlight, the bright night sky, no child is not pregnant with beautiful thoughts. With curiosity. However, the children living in the city are bound by the rules and regulations, and the meaning of the exploration of the unknown world in the small head is urgently needed to be ignited. We hope that the children will not be restrained here, let go of the indulgence of the brain and direct the call to Captain Tom's Starlight. The white dreams will lead a rainbow, and the gleaming stars are the entrance to the park. The strip-shaped lamp strips out the stars' smashing, and the orderly doors that resemble time and space. Come here, whether it is an adult or a child

  • Which outdoor play equipment is especially popular with children?

    The personalized landscape amusement equipment has a variety of styles and novel styles. It is very suitable as a local landmark, and it is often attracted to the equipment at a glance. It has great entertainment and appreciation, and is a paradise for children's dreams.

  • Preface to the standard of safe use of non-standard amusement equipment

    With the rapid development of China's economy, China's theme park industry has also ushered in a booming momentum. The pursuit of personalized theme parks has given a wide market space for non-standard customization. As non-standard amusement manufacturers continue to appear on different occasions, the industry faces a major development opportunity and faces a major crisis. The current status of safety standards for non-powered amusement industry has lagged behind that of Europe and the United States. So far, there is still no perfect enforcement industry standard in China. Although some industry practitioners have taken the lead in formulating some standards in the past few years, it is also a means of competing for resources. . The industry's non-standardization, imperfect laws and regulations, the status quo of government regulatory agencies can not rely on law enforcement not only affects the development of the industry, in the current situation of market incentive competition, there are more unconstrained businesses to promote the presence of amusement equipment in the market Major safety hazards The author has been engaged in the amusement industry for many years and has been committed to the healthy development of children and manufacturing.

  • What kind of children's play projects are invested to make money?

    Although children's play is still a developing new industry, with the increase of life pressure, the improvement of quality of life and the deepening of parenting topics, the future will be a very valuable and influential industry. The current social situation is: parents are busy with work, parents are far away from home, and children are left unattended. Kindergarten custody and playground hosting are concerned by parents. Nowadays, there are many children's playgrounds in the community. Parents keep their children in the playground. They are very at ease and close to home, avoiding the trouble of picking up and dropping off. Parents can work with confidence and create personal value while contributing to society. Nowadays, children's playgrounds are equipped with a variety of educational children's play equipment. Children often play in them, exercise responsiveness, thinking ability, hands-on ability, and improve their intelligence and learning ability. Children who have been so edified will be more intelligent and will make more contributions to society when they grow up. Children's play equipment pull

  • What are the non-standard rides in Le Tu?

    Wenzhou Letu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the modern enterprise of R&D, manufacturing, production and sales of amusement equipment. Leto owns three series of non-standard amusement products, namely leisure amusement equipment series, indoor amusement equipment series and electric amusement equipment series. Leto's non-standard amusement products are complete, covering all aspects of non-standard amusement products. With its high performance, excellent product performance, reliable after-sales guarantee and reasonable price, it is among the many non-standard amusement products. stand out. Letu always takes "integrity-based, customer first" as its service tenet, and establishes high-quality products and high-quality service image among customers.

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