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These are related to the Outdoor Development news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Outdoor Development and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Outdoor Development market.
  • What are the more durable children's play equipment?

    Children's outdoor play equipment not only can make the child's body get a good exercise, improve the balance and coordination of the body, but also help to cultivate children's good spirits such as being aggressive, tough, brave and hard. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of quality education, children's outdoor play equipment has become one of the important auxiliary means of teaching, and has become one of the infrastructures of kindergartens, parks and real estate.

  • What are the materials for the outdoor combination slides?

       Since children playing outdoor combination slides are lively and active, outdoor combination slides not only need to be durable, but also consider safety issues. The outdoor combination slide is the most "little partner" for children. We should be extra careful when choosing children's slides for children, and try to buy the best outdoor combination slides for them. So what are the requirements for the material of the slide part of the high-quality outdoor combination slide? Let's take a look. First, the outdoor combination slide requires the material of the slide to have better elasticity, otherwise the child is easily injured when playing. Second, the outdoor combination slide requires the production materials of the slide to have the ability to prevent the outside line, so that the safety of the children can be further ensured.

  • Guiyang Xintianweicheng Longbao Paradise Project Case

    Longbao Paradise is located in Zhengde Jiabang Shopping Center in the northern section of Xintian Avenue, Wudang District, Guiyang City. The original design of the park is to create a large playground for education and play.

  • How do kindergartens become the ideal dreamland for children?

    The Zizhu Kindergarten affiliated to Shanghai East China Normal University has turned the kindergarten into a playground, which is very popular among children. In the space design, the kindergarten has become an unrestricted play area, outdoor, hall, wind and rain corridor, aisle, playground, classroom... where are the children's playground! The main amusement equipment includes outdoor large-scale amusement equipment, outdoor climbing nets, combination slides, climbing walls, drill nets and other amusement equipment. The ordinary kindergarten is built into a dream paradise for children. Contact: Lin Manager Tel: 18057732525

  • How to protect your child's safety when playing outdoor play equipment?

    Regarding the safety precautions for children playing indoor amusement equipment, everyone should know more about it. Gao Ledi has also spent a lot of space to introduce this in detail. In fact, compared with indoor amusement equipment, the incidence of safety accidents in outdoor amusement equipment is much higher, and it should be paid more attention to parents.

  • What is the unpowered amusement equipment, and what are the types?

    Outdoor sports and unpowered rides were first popular in Europe and the United States. As the quality of life and health needs of Chinese people became higher and higher, the way of life and entertainment gradually changed. In recent years, in the context of the rapid development of the Chinese travel industry, unpowered rides play an increasingly important role in various fields of theme parks, scenic spots, commercial and real estate. Unpowered play equipment has a very positive effect on improving physical fitness and intellectual development. While enjoying the colorful amusement and entertainment equipment, if we can GET some safe and small skills, it will greatly enhance our entertainment experience and have fun to have fun. The following is a small series of popular science classes: Unpowered amusement equipment can be divided into challenge, interactive and experience based on the type of experience. 1. Challenge type: ▲ "Airwalk" high-altitude ropes to challenge such amusement facilities as seat belt equipment, obstacle crossing, climbing, downhill, etc.

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