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Outdoor paradise slide

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  • Which outdoor play equipment is especially popular with children?

    The personalized landscape amusement equipment has a variety of styles and novel styles. It is very suitable as a local landmark, and it is often attracted to the equipment at a glance. It has great entertainment and appreciation, and is a paradise for children's dreams.

  • How do kindergartens become the ideal dreamland for children?

    The Zizhu Kindergarten affiliated to Shanghai East China Normal University has turned the kindergarten into a playground, which is very popular among children. In the space design, the kindergarten has become an unrestricted play area, outdoor, hall, wind and rain corridor, aisle, playground, classroom... where are the children's playground! The main amusement equipment includes outdoor large-scale amusement equipment, outdoor climbing nets, combination slides, climbing walls, drill nets and other amusement equipment. The ordinary kindergarten is built into a dream paradise for children. Contact: Lin Manager Tel: 18057732525

  • How to protect your child's safety when playing outdoor play equipment?

    Regarding the safety precautions for children playing indoor amusement equipment, everyone should know more about it. Gao Ledi has also spent a lot of space to introduce this in detail. In fact, compared with indoor amusement equipment, the incidence of safety accidents in outdoor amusement equipment is much higher, and it should be paid more attention to parents.

  • The full length of 178 meters can reach a speed of 24km/h. Can you give it a try?

        The bright red ArcelorMittal Orbit was once the landmark sculpture of the 2012 London Olympics. It is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England. It is still the tallest sculpture in London, more than the freedom of the United States. The goddess is still 21 meters high. However, the ArcelorMittal Orbital Tower is not only high enough to be a group of people. Its exquisite and complex structure is a reflection of the architectural beauty. Even after the Olympic Games, it is still a must-see for tourists.


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