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  • Suggestions for small outdoor parks to choose a play equipment

    Now the development of outdoor children's market is getting hot, many people put their investment eyes on this. Available outdoor children's play equipment, there is no doubt that investors' questions, picking up the eyes, I feel that each device can bring good benefits to themselves. Until the difficulties of business, many players will not be as good as they imagined, and they did not play their value and assume the value of the income. Small outdoor park chooses a play equipment suggestion, you should take a look!

  • How much is the outdoor play equipment?

    For investors, the differences between outdoor and indoor playgrounds are not fully understood. Below Xi'an is simply analyzed: The indoor playground is unable to play a real play experience because of the reason why the site is limited. The outdoor playground has sufficient advantages in space, and there is also a lot of gameplay. Common outdoor amusement equipment has children's slides, children trampolines, children's sea stolens, etc. So how much is these outdoor play equipment? Let's take a look at Xiaobian!

  • Yangzhou Hongshan Sports Park no power non-standard amusement project engineering case

    Hongshan Sport Park covers an area of ​​4,200 mu, with a total investment of more than $ 100 billion. Relying on unique hillside, forest, reservoir resources, land-based, lending, surrounding \"Fitness, Sports, Inspiration, Puzzle, Yangxin \" Theme Sports theme park. Among them, the leisure sports rides covers an area of ​​more than 400 acres, mainly due to the concentrated containers, double tower, intellectual maze, big feet, disc large swing, the leisure project investment of 6.8 million, the annual income will exceed 10 million, in drainage Under the decisive role

  • What are the materials for the outdoor combination slides?

       Since children playing outdoor combination slides are lively and active, outdoor combination slides not only need to be durable, but also consider safety issues. The outdoor combination slide is the most "little partner" for children. We should be extra careful when choosing children's slides for children, and try to buy the best outdoor combination slides for them. So what are the requirements for the material of the slide part of the high-quality outdoor combination slide? Let's take a look. First, the outdoor combination slide requires the material of the slide to have better elasticity, otherwise the child is easily injured when playing. Second, the outdoor combination slide requires the production materials of the slide to have the ability to prevent the outside line, so that the safety of the children can be further ensured.

  • What kind of landscape is not attractive?

    "Children" has always been the center of change in the design. The theme of the design world is that there are many children with only one child. Parents give their best to give the best, the most expensive and the best to the children, while the designers will Safety, shape, and sense of space are the main factors in design.

  • Outdoor play non-standard custom large crawl

    The chasing teenagers should have a place where the childhood winds of the wind and the wind are scattered. It is a playful paradise for playful paradise. It is the most true friendship. The childhood of happiness should belong to mountains, rivers, stars, and the sea. Don't let bright springs bury in steel, cement, homework, and tutoring. Put all the spring into a childhood and turn all the days of laughter and laughter into eternal and warm springs. Excuse me, what are you waiting for when you have to sing your memories into a song for you to enjoy the spring breeze? . Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

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