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  • Yangzhou Hongshan Sports Park unpowered non-standard amusement project project case

    Hongshan Sports Park covers an area of ​​4,200 acres, with a total investment of more than one billion yuan. Relying on unique hillsides, forests and reservoir resources, relying on the local potential, borrowing objects and landscaping, focusing on the theme of “fitness, sports, inspirational, intellectual and spiritual care”, we will focus on creating a sports theme that integrates outdoor sports and ecological leisure. park. Among them, leisure sports amusement facilities cover an area of ​​more than 400 acres, mainly consisting of concentrated container, twin towers, intelligence labyrinth, big-footed, large-scale swing, and the investment project will invest 6.8 million. The annual income of this project will exceed 10 million, and the drainage will be carried out. Played a decisive role

  • What are the materials for the outdoor combination slides?

       Since children playing outdoor combination slides are lively and active, outdoor combination slides not only need to be durable, but also consider safety issues. The outdoor combination slide is the most "little partner" for children. We should be extra careful when choosing children's slides for children, and try to buy the best outdoor combination slides for them. So what are the requirements for the material of the slide part of the high-quality outdoor combination slide? Let's take a look. First, the outdoor combination slide requires the material of the slide to have better elasticity, otherwise the child is easily injured when playing. Second, the outdoor combination slide requires the production materials of the slide to have the ability to prevent the outside line, so that the safety of the children can be further ensured.

  • What kind of landscape is not attractive?

    "Children" has always been the center of change in the design. The theme of the design world is that there are many children with only one child. Parents give their best to give the best, the most expensive and the best to the children, while the designers will Safety, shape, and sense of space are the main factors in design.

  • Outdoor play non-standard custom large crawl

    The chasing teenagers should have a place where the childhood winds of the wind and the wind are scattered. It is a playful paradise for playful paradise. It is the most true friendship. The childhood of happiness should belong to mountains, rivers, stars, and the sea. Don't let bright springs bury in steel, cement, homework, and tutoring. Put all the spring into a childhood and turn all the days of laughter and laughter into eternal and warm springs. Excuse me, what are you waiting for when you have to sing your memories into a song for you to enjoy the spring breeze? . Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

  • Fuzhou Julong Slide Project Case

    Taihe Plaza is located in East Second Ring Road, Fuzhou. In order to further enhance the popularity of the mall, Taihe Group decided to build the first indoor double-track slide in Fuzhou, the “Dragon Slide” from the beginning of the project. The “nuutoo” is exhausted. It is possible to discuss the design project with Taihe until the completion of the construction, and the Fuzhou people will be able to enjoy the shock and safety of the large slide at their doorstep. The 5-story slide is not the first time for “nuutoo”. There is no problem. Taihe is the first to try this kind of project. As the responsible two big companies, the first consideration is safety, in the selection and production process. All the steel structure materials have been strictly manufactured. All steel structure materials are all made of national standard 304 stainless steel, the thickness is at least T=4.0, and the parts such as flanges are more than T=15.0. In pursuit of each process, argon arc welding is used to ensure firm welding. , 18 polished and brushed, without leaving a trace of welding. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

  • Shanxi Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten Project Case

    Opal Kindergarten is a preschool brand under the Australian Hills Education Group. The national distribution is Shanghai Shantou, Chengdu, Taiyuan. At present, Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten in Shanxi has two parks, namely Aobao Bindong Park and Aobao Juntai Park. In 2017, Letu Amusement Outdoor Brand NUUTOO participated in the overall design, production and installation of the Aubao Juntai Campus Environmental Recreation Area. The picture above is a bird's-eye view of the playground of Juntai Park. There is a school building in the kindergarten. The lower left corner of the photo is the main entrance of the school. There are two access control gates. When the parents pick up the park, they will swipe the card to pick up the baby. Since its inception, Letu has been committed to the integrated output of non-standard personalized amusement equipment. In 2017, it accepted the invitation from Li Bao, the person in charge of Orbo, to participate in the planning and design of the Orbo 900 square-meter outdoor amusement non-standard program. Responsible and independent thought-provoking people, who originally put forward a lot of their own ideas and requirements, especially loved Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

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