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  • What kinds of children's slides?

    Children's slide is one of the amusement facilities that take some comprehensive functional movements such as running, drill, climbing, climbing, sliding, turning, rolling, letting children do both doing their body, and getting the pummy . Let the children's balance, independent coordination and ability to create great improvements, and it is also conducive to children's self-protection awareness.

  • Why is it good for children's physical and mental health?

    At present, the new child stainless steel slide is a comprehensive entertainment facility integrating fitness entertainment. It combines children like running, jumping, climbing, climbing, and designed various styles based on children's interest, is a new type, playable children's play equipment. Multifunctional combination slides designed according to children's physical and mental health growth.

  • What benefits can the slide bring to the child?

    Kindergarten, park, community, playground, large business super, scenic area, villa ... slide almost everywhere. Slide is one of the children's favorite outdoor toys, then what benefits can bring to the children? This article contains the following: 1. Game spirit 2, make friends 3, physical and mental development, the game spirit children slide structure is Very safe, children fully climb on the slide, or get up, they need a lot of courage and self-confidence, playing the combination slide can not only exercise the courage of the child, but also to let the child feel happy to experience fun The presence. Second, the feelings of making friends children are the most sincere, under the common interest in playing slides, there are many opportunities to meet many children. Especially in many families, it is universally a child. If the child is not playing, it is difficult to reach their player. Slide is one of the entertainment facilities that children like them. Community children

  • How to choose a kindergarten outdoor slide

    There are a few points for the planning of the kindergarten slide amusement park. From the demand for market customers, the current market is mainly based on children, so how can I choose a kindergarten? First, kindergarten amusement equipment must have fun, attracting children to play interest. Outdoor children's play equipment generally have children's slides, swing, shake music, swing bridge, climbing nets, two rounds of cars, tires, etc. Other gardens should be paveled in the air, and the children can play the joy of Mercedes-Benz to enjoy the joy of children's play equipment. Next, I will teach you that there is a lot of children's parks. Second, the kindergarten installed play equipment should be closer to the big natural. Tree, soil, lawn, cavity rack, etc. in the outdoor children's play environment, cross the children's favorite, crossing the lawn

  • Where is the attraction of the outdoor slide to the children?

    The children are full of curiosity about the unknown world. At any time, I want to explore this fresh world, outdoor slide as an indispensable toy in the growth process of children, and spend the whole childhood with the children, the slide is tired of playing Children's play equipment, bringing the children unlimited, why do you have such a phenomenon, outdoor slide is the attraction of the children? This article contains the following: 1, from psychology 2, from personality training 3, slide itself 4, slide appearance, from psychology usually smaller children's door is leading parents or teachers When you play slides, the children have a recognized psychological needs, and a successful slide brings praise and praise to the child, let the children think he is recognized, so I like the outdoor combination slide. Second, from the character training, the playground is where children gather. Children can encounter more during playing

  • How to choose the right kindergarten outdoor slide and how to maintain the outdoor slide?

    Many kindergartens will set up some slides for the children to play outdoors. Then everyone knows how to choose the right kindergarten outdoor slide? Also, how to maintain the outdoor slides in kindergartens? Today, I will introduce you to the related content by Le Tu Xiaobian.

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