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  • Where can non-standard amusement equipment such as Gu'an Central Park Children's Park be produced?

    Gu'an Central Park is located in the northern New District of Gu'an, the exit of Gu'an A of Daguang Expressway, Yucai North Road on the east, Yingbin Avenue on the west, Jinxiu Avenue on the south and Park Road on the north. Covering an area of ​​about 205,000 square meters, it is a city-level comprehensive park. Through the combination of the slow runway and the landscape trail, the park's vitality loop is formed. According to the changes of the surrounding venues, it can be divided into various sports modes such as cultural running, tree-line running, sunshine running, and flower field running, and combined with the multiple experience of the ring jogging line setting. Children's activities and sports venues create an entertaining and entertaining ring. In the design of amusement equipment, the combination of the environment and the environment is no longer a lonely amusement island. There are all kinds of educational and entertaining projects everywhere.

  • Yangzhou Hongshan Sports Park unpowered non-standard amusement project project case

    Hongshan Sports Park covers an area of ​​4,200 acres, with a total investment of more than one billion yuan. Relying on unique hillsides, forests and reservoir resources, relying on the local potential, borrowing objects and landscaping, focusing on the theme of “fitness, sports, inspirational, intellectual and spiritual care”, we will focus on creating a sports theme that integrates outdoor sports and ecological leisure. park. Among them, leisure sports amusement facilities cover an area of ​​more than 400 acres, mainly consisting of concentrated container, twin towers, intelligence labyrinth, big-footed, large-scale swing, and the investment project will invest 6.8 million. The annual income of this project will exceed 10 million, and the drainage will be carried out. Played a decisive role

  • How to choose outdoor rides and equipment, find reliable franchisees

    No matter what age, rides and equipment have this vast market. Because children are a very important part of life, and modern people are paying more and more attention to the comprehensive growth of their children, they hope to provide them with a healthier living area. I chose to go, and I finally chose a place like an outdoor playground. This will allow the child to liberate his nature and make the child feel happy both physically and mentally. However, many parents do not feel comfortable playing with their children on outdoor recreational facilities because they are worried about security problems. Fortunately, the business has given a prevention plan, and the equipment has been further improved, so more and more parents are beginning to recognize outdoor amusement facilities and equipment. They come from major brands and are guaranteed in quality and service. If you choose to use it, you will feel very relieved.

  • Is Xinxiang’s outdoor children’s play equipment worth investing now?

    Xinxiang outdoor children's play equipment is worth investing now. Modern people pay great attention to the comprehensive development of children, so they often take children to the playground during the holidays. However, large playgrounds are generally far away from the living area, so each time you go to the playground, you must plan ahead and have plenty of time. For the busy modern people, this obviously affects their play experience, so it is more hopeful that there will be some playgrounds closer to the living area, which prompted the birth of the children's amusement park. Many merchants have been looking forward to this market when they have learned about Xinxiang outdoor children's play equipment. Because this is in line with the needs of modern people, and it can indeed be reflected in the living area.

  • What are the factors that affect the price of outdoor playground equipment for children in Sichuan?

    What are the factors that affect the price of outdoor playground equipment for children in Sichuan? Sichuan has beautiful scenery, and there are many famous tourist attractions. Every year, there are many people who come to Sichuan for sightseeing. For tourists, not only can you taste the local Sichuan cuisine, but you can also experience the more fun amusement equipment in Sichuan. In particular, children's play equipment is extremely hot. For this reason, when investing in children's play projects, investors will want to know, what is the price of Sichuan children's outdoor play equipment? For some attentive travelers, you will find that there are children's outdoor play equipment in many tourist attractions and public places in Sichuan. Of course, different amusement equipments have different shapes, different color combinations, and different tastes.

  • What are the marketing methods for outdoor play equipment?

    In recent years, under the influence of the rapid development of industrial technology, the outdoor amusement field has ushered in development opportunities, and many cities are building or renovating outdoor amusement parks. At the same time, there is another outdoor amusement equipment with good performance on the market. It is understood that there are many manufacturers that provide outdoor amusement equipment customization. Each manufacturer has different outdoor amusement equipment due to different production conditions, comprehensive strength and professional level. So, how to increase the market sales of amusement equipment? What marketing methods or strategies can I take?

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