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  • Outdoor Non-Standard Amusement Equipment Children Buying Guide - Music Amusement

    Outdoor Children Non-standard Amusement Equipment Delivery Guide increases with the number of domestic children, the development of child projects is gradually prosperous, especially for investment in outdoor amusement parks. As the operator of the playground, kindergartens and communities began to buy different non-standard players to meet the needs of children. Follow the music map to understand the outdoor children's non-standard play equipment purchase guide, unveiling more unknown information. Whether you want to configure the old equipment of the Children's Amusement Park or the consumers who are non-standard amusement equipment, facing the play products of various styles on the market, do you have no hair, don't know how to choose?

  • How to operate a water amusement equipment

    From the beginning to end, it is a popular project construction, and there are always a lot of water amusement parks in our country. Water amusement equipment is the key to success of the water amusement park, and how should so many water amusement parks? From three levels and their fusion at this stage to analyze the different characteristics of a wide range of water players. This article contains the following: 1. Secureability II, Quality, Communication and Communication 1. The safety factor of safe performance water play equipment is the basis of all water amusement parks, especially the water tour paradise is more urgent. Can the water tour park survive, in other words, the tourists come to your water amusement park, whether the water play equipment is safe is an important evaluation criteria. Therefore, we must pay attention to the safety performance of the equipment and check it up. 2. Quality amusement equipment quality strategy decises a competition of water tourism

  • What are the development trends in the future of the play equipment industry?

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the play industry, China has become a production giant of world play equipment, accounting for about 40% of the world's total production. At present, the domestic amusement equipment industry hopes to rapidly launch with the world, brand building and reputation still need to take many roads. First of all, we must follow the industry trend, master the opportunity of the industry, and better seize the opportunities of the play industry, and prepare the market challenge.

  • How to choose a good play device

    With the development of society, the community, kindergartens, parks and other units are also increasingly attached to the impact of rides to themselves, and some units are also intended to include the purchase of outdoor play facilities into future development plans. But good play equipment can attract more interests and eyeballs, then how to choose good outdoor play equipment?

  • How to choose large outdoor play equipment manufacturers

    Playing outdoor play equipment as one of the most favorite play activities, more and more businesses have also begun to introduce more play equipment, but only good security, especially to attract tourists' eyes, that outdoor How to choose a play equipment manufacturer?

  • What is the advantages of outdoor non-standard travel?

    In the Children's Paradise, amusement equipment is a rides that can provide amusement play, and rides is an integration of projects designed for children's excitement. Non-standard travel equipment is well received by children with their novel ideas, unique overall shapes and exploration interests, combines multiple functions such as jump, crawling, drilling, sliding, swaying, shaking, etc.. Outdoor non-standard tour This paper main content: First, more irritating two, group gaming three, decoration better look four, attachment to the world five, future development 1. More irritating non-standard play equipment can be done, this It means that the highly stimulation is used as an example. The high level of the product is large, while combining other equipment such as rock climbing walls or climbing nets, from the height to the ground as high as the three steps, up to more than ten meters, This has never been there.

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