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These are related to the Playground project news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Playground project and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Playground project market.
  • What are the characteristics of Chongqing Nanquan Slide?

    What are the characteristics of Chongqing Nanquan Slide? When tourism projects have become a pastime for modern people to entertain, more and more tourism projects have been built. Among many tourist facilities, slides are a very common supporting facility. Especially in some high mountains or large scenic areas, such slides are often equipped, as is the case with the Chongqing Nanquan slide. If you understand some of the scenic spots in China, you will find that the Chongqing Nanquan slide is very famous. It is located on the top of Jianwen Peak, and this slide is finally on the east side of the South Hot Springs Square, surrounded by Huaxi River. The vertical slip of the entire slide reaches 249 meters. It runs through the jungle along the slide. The entire slide runs through 28 sharp turns and slides to the steepest place. The hourly speed can be reached. 40 km. Many tourists tend to ride this kind of ropeway during the process of playing in Nanquan, Chongqing.

  • Large children's outdoor play equipment rope climbing market demand increases

    Large-scale children's outdoor play equipment network climbing market demand increased Since the country opened the two-child policy, the number of children is increasing, coupled with the rapid economic development, the children's consumer market has been unprecedentedly developed. Whether it is dressing or leisure, there is a good development. Especially in terms of leisure and entertainment, the development is most obvious. The main reason is that when many parents take their children out to play, the children want to play various toys, the parents will not be embarrassed, but let the children play. It is in this environment that it has promoted the development of rope climbing for large children's outdoor play equipment. With the increasing number of children, the demand for net rope climbing market is also increasing. Of course, the demand for net climbing is increasing, and the other reason is that it has its own advantages. When children play climbing ropes, they can develop children's ability to understand the space.

  • What are the fluctuation factors of children's outdoor slides?

    What are the fluctuation factors of children's outdoor slides? There are more and more outdoor entertainment products, and its design is more abundant. Many preschool children are particularly fond of this type of product. Is there enough good children's entertainment equipment now? This type of market is getting better and better, and there are more brands of children's slide equipment, which has become a better project for many investors. What are the factors that affect the price fluctuations of children's outdoor slides now?

  • What are the new non-standard rides for indoor and outdoor large playgrounds?

    Children's playgrounds, faced with the current children's products market, are attracting more and more entrepreneurial investors because of their low risk, controllability, quick results, and rewarding features. However, many people have such questions, how much does it cost to invest in a children's park? What material is the play equipment made of? Today we will talk about the material and basic maintenance of the amusement equipment! Of course, the price of different materials is of course different!


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