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  • Children's playground plan

    Life requires many keys, and kindergartens is a key to open life. Knowledge and beauty are sprouting here, kindergarten is like a dream of a dream, and children can grow up here, open their creation!

  • Children's playground equipment

    The main participants in the children's playground are children, and the choice of children's playground equipment will affect the popularity and benefits of the playground. There are some novice investors lack this experience to dazzling the venues of the playground in the market. It is difficult to choose the child like to play. So what interest in the children's playground? First, the space sand space sand is a toy color sand consisting of 98% Sea and 2% food grade crosslinker, with good fluidity and plasticity, soft feel, not sticky. Space Sand can inspire children's imagination and create desires, while stimulating children's brain nerve development, improving hand-head coordination skills. Second, children's simulation driving school children's simulation driving school is designed to cultivate children's good traffic habits, children's simulation driving schools are equipped with luxury princess cars, analog signal lights, gas stations, voice toll stations, electric lifting rods, voice tunnels, car space, Traffic logo, traffic police station, DDP

  • Three preparations that are most needed to build a playground

    How to build a playground is a question that many friends who are preparing to invest in the rides are considering. Children's economy is booming, and the play market is active, but it is also accompanied by fierce and even white heat. So for an amusement park, you must be fully prepared. Otherwise, once it is started, if you are ready, the post-business situation will face a lot of trouble. In general, the construction of the children's playground has three preparations. I. Which bank survey is to do, which is the market survey, which is mainly involved in the market survey of the children's playground? For example, the basic situation of the city: population scale, consumption scale, structure, traffic conditions, etc., these factors have more investigated methods to refer to whether local has operated a good playground, if there is, the comparison reference, if not, Considering depth feasibility; specific location, basic atmosphere interior and outdoor park, the two need to pay attention

  • How to plan a reasonable playground

    With the development of the market and people's needs, most of the outdoor activities such as outdoor scenic spots, parks, communities, shopping malls have built playgrounds. No matter where to go shopping, you can see the movement of the playground. The children shouted excitedly, and the animation music of various play equipment is intertwined, just like laughing. There are now many scenic spots or parks in planning outdoor playgrounds, the shape of the play equipment makes everyone difficult to choose, what kind of amusement project can win players? How to plan the playground reasonable? Although the kind of amusement equipment has a wide variety, after decades of development, there are many players to have a test of the market, and win the favorite of players. Let's take a look at what is more popular. The net red play equipment is the two-year fire play project, like the net red bridge, the net red swing, super trampoline, colorful slide, etc. Cool appearance,

  • How to do a good amusement facility manufacturer

    As an excellent amusement facility manufacturer, it is not only a certain advantage in production, but also customizes non-standard travel amenities according to the needs of customers, and customs amusement facilities according to the placement plan provided by customers. Factory rides a unique color. Engaged in outdoor theme park, the design, production, construction, construction, construction of the unique excitement from the design, and the patented advantages of amusement equipment, to the production safety one-stop service, is worthy of customers trust. How to do an excellent amusement facility manufacturer, learn from the eight major gold rules, to understand the needs of the customer, master children's entertainment psychology: 1. The designed playground should strengthen its site, the playground is the best 3, playground It should be close to the natural environment. Studies have shown that children have more benefits from getting close to nature. Increase some amusement facilities, such as straw, tree vegetation, signboard logo, rockery, etc.

  • Playground staff will not only cleanse, but also have other qualities.

    The playground staff will not only cleanse, but also have other qualities. Now the playground is in China, it is very famous. Some of the more affluent families will even get a small family in their own home, which can meet their needs and let them grow up healthily. The small comprehension is the most intimate. When it belongs to the small son of Huang Shengyi, there is a large playground, and many people want to be their children.

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