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  • Investing in playground children's slides Devil's slides How much money does it take for a dry snow slide?

    The slides have more or less memories of friends of any age. In fact, the reason why children like to play slides, the most important thing is to enjoy the feeling of falling from the sky. At the same time, such a process brings a feeling to the children, which is naturally very satisfying, especially with a few small partners. Now, whether it is an amusement park or a community, I would like to have a certain understanding of the price of children's slides. So for many of our parents and friends, I also want to know the price of an indoor slide. Everyone's attention to the price of children's slides just proves that the amusement park is hot now. I believe that many people are irresistible to a slide. Today, we will come along with Xiaobian to find out the price quotes for different slides on the market. First of all, of course, the slides for large playgrounds are quoted. After continuous innovation, the slides are constantly developing towards all ages and experiences, and it is difficult for 18 years.

  • What are the marketing methods for outdoor play equipment?

    In recent years, under the influence of the rapid development of industrial technology, the outdoor amusement field has ushered in development opportunities, and many cities are building or renovating outdoor amusement parks. At the same time, there is another outdoor amusement equipment with good performance on the market. It is understood that there are many manufacturers that provide outdoor amusement equipment customization. Each manufacturer has different outdoor amusement equipment due to different production conditions, comprehensive strength and professional level. So, how to increase the market sales of amusement equipment? What marketing methods or strategies can I take?

  • What should parents and operators pay attention to when playing in the playground?

         I often see news that news children are injured when playing in the playground. As a senior practitioner engaged in the design and manufacture of amusement equipment, he is also a small editor of the father. Today, I will follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to see the downstream music. What details need to be paid attention to in the operation and play of the field and amusement equipment. The first is the operator. The plan to open the playground should first have a high sense of security responsibility and reject the inferior products on the market. As the saying goes, a price is worth the price. The product with too low price is not guaranteed in quality. Think about it again. How to ensure security. There are often guests to consult Xiaobian, the first sentence is just to ask how much the price of your home products? As a professional technical consultant like me, I refuse to serve the customers who pay attention to the price first. I only agree that the operator who puts the safety of the children first should first determine what project they want to operate according to the competition of the market. Put safety first in strength

  • Hefei Zhonghaicheng Project Case

    In September 2017, Feidong FD17-2 and FD17-3 were named Zhonghaicheng. As a well-known high-end residential expert in the industry, the project that Zhonghai entered for the first time in Feidong will be positioned as a high-end improvement. Zhonghai City is adjacent to the public road in the west and is separated by Chihe Road. In today's fierce real estate competition, China Shipping is paying more and more attention to every experience of customers. From the sales department, it is known to be the future of the stay. As the preferred amusement equipment supplier of China Shipping, Leto has been committed to participating in the construction of residential quality in China Shipping. . In order to fully display the life of Zhonghaicheng Wonderland, Zhonghai's designers pay more attention not only to the functions of children's play, but also to the future of the model. The majority of the rides are as rich as possible. Color, and the new design takes care of both ideas. The main structure of the rich colors is consistent with the other elements of the China Shipping brand, while the two colored gradient lines on it. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

  • Non-standard custom playground stainless steel slide manufacturers which strong?

    With the increasing living standards of people, the market for playgrounds is also growing. It is not difficult to believe that more and more playground needs will be born in various cities in the future to meet the growing material needs of people. The stainless steel slide is a very popular amusement equipment in the playground and is one of the popular items in many playgrounds. Therefore, the stainless steel slide market will also show a good upward trend in the future. So among the manufacturers of so many stainless steel slides, which one is more worthy of customer trust? The following small series will bring you several important conditions for screening.


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