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Rainbow slide slope

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  • Jining colorful snow and snow slide: Calculate the cost and know how much it earns

    Jining colorful snow and snow slide: Calculate the cost and know how much it earns. Jining Colorful Snow and Snow Slide Project is an emerging large outdoor equipment. It seems that it is an enlarged version of the slide, but this "slide" can It is a good ride for people to bring ski experience to all ages. As an investment project, its cost is limited and its profit is high, which is a good choice for investment. From the perspective of input costs, Jining's colorful snow and snow slides mainly include equipment investment, site rent and personnel costs. The rainbow slide uses PP material, which is almost maintenance-free and can be used continuously for many years. The quality is very reliable. In terms of equipment investment, the cost of purchasing a whole set of equipment is about 100,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan, depending on what is included in the equipment package.

  • Where is the colorful dry snow slide, the site selection is easy

    Where is the colorful dry snow slide, the venue selection is easy. The colorful dry snow slide is a very fun ride, attracting many people to invest in business. In addition to choosing a good product, it is the most basic job for the operator to choose the operating site. Where is the colorful dry snow slide? In fact, this project has few restrictive conditions for site selection, and there are almost no restrictions on space requirements and surrounding environment. The dry and snow slides can be customized according to the terrain conditions and there are no fixed requirements. For example, to construct a dry snow slide in the barren hill, the length and width of the slide are designed according to the terrain height and the slope of the mountain. Designed according to local conditions and realized characteristic construction. This will not only save costs for investors, but also better adapt to the surrounding environment and form their own characteristics.

  • Skiing slides have become a new hot item, and many businesses are ready

    Skiing slides have become a new hot item, and many businesses are ready to know when, outdoor skiing has become a popular entertainment item. Compared to skiing, grass skiing seems to be easier to reach. In fact, at a very young age, many people have tried this entertainment experience. However, because the equipment is not professional enough, and there is no security protection, it does not get a good experience. However, with the special grass slide equipment, it really gave the actual entertainment of the year. In fact, the core condition of the grass is the ramp, it does not need to be too shaken, and it does not need to be too slow. The slope of about 60° will be more reasonable. It is really easy to attract users by installing special grass slide equipment. Because the current entertainment projects are rich, many are not healthy entertainment methods.

  • Where is the rainbow slide? How to design the slope?

    Where is the rainbow slide? How to design the slope? The colorful rainbow slide has become the first choice for many people to play outdoors. It is not only safe but also very playable. It can be slipped by one person, and can be slipped with friends and colleagues. It has the best time in laughter and laughter. So where is the rainbow slide? In fact, with the increase of investors, there are already many rainbow slides around us. You only need to search the website to see the rainbow slides near you. Today, Xiaobian and everyone talk about the investment operators are more concerned. The topic is how does the rainbow slide design the slope? Generally, the slope of the rainbow slide is between 3 and 12 degrees, and the raised parts are strictly calculated. The purpose is to prevent accidents during the playing process, and some will be placed at the bottom of the rainbow slide. Soft material.

  • Where is the rainbow slide amusement equipment affordable, it is necessary for docking manufacturers

    Where is the rainbow slide amusement equipment affordable, it is necessary for docking manufacturers to put more investment in the playground today, and many network red equipment came into being. Especially the rainbow slide amusement equipment is even more exciting for users. Because it not only looks very beautiful, but also very exciting to play, it really brings more fun to their spare time. Therefore, many investors have begun to make efforts in the amusement market, hoping to seize the advantages of the market and better bring fun to users. Before setting up a playground, we must first look at the suitable venues and potential consumers, followed by the rental and construction of the venue. The overall scale requires market research so that the corresponding population can be identified and their playgrounds can continue to provide services to users.

  • Guangdong Rainbow Slide: Simple facilities, suitable for all seasons

    Guangdong Rainbow Slide: Simple facilities, all seasons Rainbow slides have been popular all over the country in recent years, allowing people to ski in the absence of snow. Guangdong Rainbow Slide Professional provides PP material slide material to help customers design and install rainbow slides and choose rainbow slides. This is a good project for entrepreneurship. The seemingly huge equipment, in fact, each combination is very simple, the key is that this project can be operated all year round, with few restrictions, no need to equip professionals, is a very good project. An investment, multi-year income, is a cost-effective transaction from the perspective of investment yield. According to the terrain conditions, the ramp is designed as a whole, then the slide equipment is installed, the construction is completed once, and then the operation can be started. The maintenance and management of these equipments is very simple. Because it is a slide made of PP material, it has strong wear resistance and will not cause problems after ten years of use. The snow ring only needs to be cleaned regularly with detergent to continue using it.

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